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Carly Campaigns in Rossmoor

November 01, 2010

During a campaign stop at Rossmoor – the seventh in a series of events planned as part of a three-day get-out-the-vote tour – U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina today discussed her plan to create jobs and stimulate the economy so that all Americans, especially those close to retirement, can enjoy economic security. READ MORE

Carly Fiorina Kicks Off Final Three-Day Get-Out-The-Vote Tour in San Diego

October 30, 2010

“The stakes in California’s U.S. Senate race are higher than ever this year, and the opportunity to finally retire an out-of-touch career politician who has spent the last 28 years fighting against our nation’s job creators makes our final get-out-the-vote effort all the more urgent.” READ MORE

Carly Fiorina Visits Bay Area Woman-Owned Business to Discuss Barbara Boxer's Failed Economic Policies

October 29, 2010

“During her nearly three-decades-long career in Washington, Barbara Boxer has consistently made it harder for small and independent businesses – including women-owned businesses – to grow, succeed and hire here in the United States.” READ MORE

Carly Fiorina Issues Statement on Anemic GDP Growth

October 29, 2010

“Today’s report confirms yet again that the budget-busting, government-growing policies Barbara Boxer and her fellow career politicians in Washington championed have failed to stimulate the long-term growth our economy needs in order to experience a full, sustainable recovery.” READ MORE

Rasmussen Survey Confirms Race is a Tossup

October 28, 2010

“Today’s Rasmussen Reports survey confirms what many other public and private polls before it have shown: the race for California‚Äôs U.S. Senate seat remains extremely close, the next five days are extremely consequential and victory on Election Day will ultimately be determined by voter turnout.” READ MORE

Carly Fiorina Criticizes Barbara Boxer's 28 Years of Disastrous, Job-Killing Policies During Campaign Stops in Sacramento and Orange County

October 28, 2010

U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina was welcomed back to the campaign trail by supporters at McClellan Business Park, where Fiorina held a press conference today to discuss Barbara Boxer’s abject failure during her 28 years in Washington to advance economic policies that support our nation’s small businesses and that will help create jobs for the people of California during her 28 years in Washington. READ MORE

Assemblyman Highlight's Boxer's Devastation

October 28, 2010

During a press conference in San Diego today, Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher denounced Barbara Boxer’s job-killing policies and lauded Carly Fiorina as the leader our state needs in Washington to help get our economy back on track. READ MORE

Carly Fiorina Launches New Web Ad, "Truthiness"

October 27, 2010

The Carly for California campaign today launched a new Web video titled “Truthiness” highlighting the many outlandish and unfounded claims Barbara Boxer has peddled to voters on the campaign trail in an ongoing attempt to hide the truth about her nearly three decades of failure in Washington. READ MORE

Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack and Congressman Ken Calvert Decry Boxer's Failures

October 27, 2010

During a press conference at Old World Stone in Coachella, Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack (R-Palm Springs) today joined small-business owner Nathaniel Carpenter to discuss Barbara Boxer’s abject failure to stand up for the people of California during these difficult economic times and Carly Fiorina’s plan to create jobs and grow our economy. READ MORE

Carly Launches New Web Video, "Hypocrisy"

October 27, 2010

The Carly for California campaign today launched a new Web video, “Hypocrisy,” slamming Barbara Boxer for her election-year hypocrisy in accepting tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from companies like Cisco that have laid off workers and have sent jobs overseas, then turning around to attack Carly Fiorina for making tough decisions during her tenure at Hewlett-Packard. READ MORE

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