Carly Fiorina Issues Statement on Passing of Joe Shumate
October 1, 2010

SACRAMENTO, CA - U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina today issued the following statement regarding the death of Joe Shumate, a senior advisor of the Carly for California campaign team and a dear friend:

"Joe was someone who told you what he thought, even if it was not what you wanted to hear. He was a sharp-witted person with a tough exterior - often claiming to be 'terrible' - but underneath, the truth is that Joe was a person who was passionate not only about what he did, but about investing in those he worked with. He was an integral and senior member of my team, and I am honored to have been able to call Joe a trusted advisor and friend, and to have earned his respect and confidence.

"My husband Frank and I, along with the entire campaign team, are deeply saddened by his passing, and we extend our sincerest condolences and prayers to Joyce and all of Joe's family, extended political family and friends as they mourn his loss."


Joe Shumate, long recognized as one of California's top political consultants, has passed away at the age of 69.

Shumate was a graduate of San Francisco City College and San Francisco State University. Early in his career, Shumate worked for the Kern County Land Company. He became heavily involved in San Francisco politics and worked extensively with political campaigns around the Bay Area.

Shumate was a pioneer in applying quantitative and mathematical modeling methods to develop highly effective, targeted messaging for political campaigns. During the 1970s, Shumate went into business with Ron Smith and Emily Pike in the political consulting firm of Shumate, Smith and Pike. He later launched Joe Shumate and Associates in the 1980s.

Shumate served as deputy chief of staff to former California Governor Pete Wilson and directed the governor's redistricting effort in 1991. Shumate was also a key senior advisor to Wilson's 1994 come-from-behind re-election effort.

Shumate is best known for his role as a member of a three-person team of American political consultants who directed Russian President Boris Yeltsin's re-election campaign in 1996. The campaign was the subject of a Time Magazine cover story and the movie Spinning Boris.

In 1998, Shumate directed the campaigns of the only two Republicans to win statewide election that year. During the 2000 elections, he worked on three successful statewide initiatives and directed a major presidential independent expenditure effort.

In 2002, Shumate was involved in Arnold Schwarzenegger's winning After School Programs Initiative. He also oversaw polling and focus groups for Schwarzenegger prior to his decision to run for governor in 2003. Shumate also served as a member of Schwarzenegger's successful re-election campaign team in 2006.

Other clients have included U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina, Attorney General Candidate Steve Cooley, California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner, JobsPAC, the California Chamber of Commerce and countless local and statewide ballot measures.

Shumate passed away in his Sacramento second residence and was a resident of Sausalito. He is survived by his wife, Joyce; his brother Tom, of San Jose; and his sister Linda Gayle, of San Diego.