Tools & Resources

The following materials are available for download to provide you with the materials you will need to get the message out about the significance of this effort and support the California Stem Cell Research and Cures Initiative. Please click on the links below to download these materials.

Some documents are available in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF), which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please contact our campaign headquarters if you have trouble downloading any of the below materials at 800-931-CURE.

Spread the Word

Key Talking Points



Sample Letters to the Editor

Sample Letter from a Parent

Sample Letter from a Scientist/Researcher

Sample Letter from a Concerned Taxpayer/Citizen

Sample Response Letter

Sample Letter About Fiscal Impacts

Endorse the Initiative

Individual Endorsement Form

Organization Endorsement Form

Sample Resolution

Sample Proclamation

Sample Newsletter

Sample Press Release

Fundraising Materials

Contribution Form

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