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LA Times Poll: Voters Support Stem Cell Research Measure

Los Angeles Times 10/20/04
Two weeks before election day, a ballot measure to substantially roll back the state's three-strikes sentencing law is leading by almost 3 to 1 among likely voters, while some other high-profile measures remain locked in close contests, according to a new Times poll. Read More >

LA Times Poll: Californians Favor Stem-Cell, Health-Care Initiatives

Los Angeles Times 9/24/04
With television advertising campaigns about to begin, California voters currently favor two closely watched ballot initiatives -- one authorizing $3 billion in bonds for research using stem cells taken from embryos and another that would ratify a state law requiring small- and medium-sized businesses to provide health coverage for workers, according to a new Los Angeles Times Poll. Read More >

Californians to Vote on Spending $3 Billion on Stem Cell Research

New York Times 9/19/04
LOS ANGELES, Sept. 19 - The federal government spent $25 million last year on studies involving human embryonic stem cells. But California, in an act of political and scientific rebellion against limits on stem cell research imposed by the Bush White House, may be on the verge of spending $300 million a year in each of the next 10 years on such research. Read More >

Prop. 71 fray heats up
Stem-cell research measure pits church vs. science

Associated Press 9/14/04
The Roman Catholic Church and the wealthy evangelical Christian Howard Ahmanson Jr. have emerged as the biggest financial backers of the campaign against a California ballot measure that would fund stem-cell research and cloning projects in the state.  Read More >

Biotechs support stem cell ballot initiative

San Diego Union Tribune 8/27/04
The San Diego biotechnology industry group Biocom announced it is endorsing a bond initiative on the Nov. 2 ballot that would make $3 billion available for embryonic stem cell research in California.  Read More >

Jawbone created, implanted

London (AP) 8/27/04
A German who had his lower jaw cut out because of cancer has enjoyed his first meal in nine years -- a bratwurst sandwich -- after surgeons grew a new jawbone in his back muscle and transplanted it to his mouth in what experts call an ``ambitious'' experiment.  Read More >

Gates, others lead California effort for stem cell research

San Francisco (AP) 8/26/04
Silicon Valley tycoons, Nobel laureates and Hollywood celebrities are backing a measure on California's Nov. 2 ballot to devote $3 billion to human embryonic stem cell experiments in what would be the biggest-ever state-supported scientific research program in the country. Read More >

The latest frontier in stem cell debate; California ballot issue seeks funds for research center; foes cite budget woes and unproven effectiveness, but advocates say it could be key to cures

Chicago Tribune
8/1/04 As it has so often in the past, California will break ground this autumn when voters are asked to approve a state-funded, multibillion-dollar facility to conduct embryonic stem cell research. Read More >

Reagan: Support stem-cell research

The Desert Sun
7/28/04 Jo Rosen founded the Parkinson’s Resource Center with a plan: to lead the organization until doctors found a cure for the disease. Five years, she figured, seven on the outside. Read More >

Stem Cell Research Initiative Receives Endorsement

Los Angeles Times
6/19/04 A November ballot initiative that would have state taxpayers underwrite $3 billion of embryonic stem-cell research received its first major business endorsement Friday. Read More >

Los Angeles business group backs stem cell bond

6/17/04 SAN FRANCISCO, June 17 (Reuters) - A Los Angeles business group said on Thursday it would back a California bond initiative to fund stem-cell research, marking the ballot measure's first major endorsement since its organizers briefly paused efforts following Ronald Reagan's death.  Read More >

Nancy's Next Campaign

6/14/04 One spring afternoon in 2002, eight long years into her husband's descent into Alzheimer's, Nancy Reagan went to her friend Doug Wick's home in Los Angeles for a Hollywood-style tutorial on stem cells. Along with Wick andhis wife, Lucy, both producers, the cast included moviemakers Jerry and Janet Zucker, actor Warren Beatty and Dr. Richard Klausner, now head of global healthat the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Nancy Reagan already knew a bit aboutstem cells--a year earlier, she'd written a letter to President Bush asking him to support embryonic research--but she was eager to delve deeper.  Read More >

A Plea for Stem Cell Research

Long Beach Press Telegram
6/09/04 Ronald Reagan's final accomplishment in life was to raise awareness and understanding of Alzheimer's disease. In death, we hope his legacy will bring Alzheimer's research the funding, attention and political support it deserves. . Read More >

Nancy Reagan Now an Alzheimer's Advocate

Associated Press
6/06/04 When Nancy Reagan appeared at a fund-raising gala in Los Angeles last month to promote the expansion of stem cell research, it was the latest step in herevolution from Hollywood socialite to Alzheimer's activist..  Read More >

Stem Cell Initiative Certified for Ballot

Los Angeles Times
6/04/04 SACRAMENTO -An initiative that would have state taxpayers underwrite $3 billion worth of research into using embryonic stem cells to develop cures for Alzheimer's and other debilitating diseases qualified for the Nov. 2 ballot Thursday,propelling California to the forefront of a national battle at the intersection of scienceand morality.  Read More >

A Bipartisan Push on Stem Cell Studies

Washington Post
6/03/04 In this era of intense partisanship, it is rare to see congressional Republicans and Democrats join hands, even in a humanitarian cause. Credit Nancy Reagan for helping to spur this political marvel. Read More >

Stem Cells To Heal Hearts

CBS News - The Early Show
5/27/04 The magic of stem cells is showing some early promise for the hundreds of thousands of people in the United States who suffer from cripplingchest pain caused by heart disease.  One of the most debilitating symptoms ofheart disease is angina, the chest pain caused as arteries clog and shut off theheart's oxygen supply.  Many of the sickest patients get no relief from that pain when treatment options run out. Now, there is new hope from early-stage trialsof an experimental therapy using a patient's own stem cells to regenerate the ailing heart.  Read More >

Dustin Hoffman Advocates Stem Cell Research

USA Today
5/18/04 Dustin Hoffman's roles in Kramer vs. Kramer, Tootsie and Rain Man challenged our perceptions of what it is to be a parent, a man and a brother.Now Hoffman is using that same sense of humanity to appeal to California voters to support stem cell research.  "My wife Lisa and I became involvedwith this issue for several reasons," says the two-time Academy Award winner. "Among them is the fact that our daughter's best friend was diagnosedwith Type 1 diabetes when she was 11 years old. Another reason is stemcell research offers the best hope for a cure and should be pursued."   Read More >

Stem Cell Rebels

Time Magazine
5/10/04 Katie Zucker, 16, has sky blue eyes, wild curly hair and a dazzling smile. She is a champion equestrian and an A student. Her parents are doting, her friends devoted. So what's not to envy? Well, there's the small rectangular box attached to her belt that pumps insulin through a tube into her hip. To test her blood, she pricks her finger seven times a day. "It's scary," she says. "If your blood sugar goes too low, you could go into a coma." Sometimes at school her eyes swell, and she can't see the blackboard. She knows that her diabetes can result in kidney failure, and blindness. But mostly, she says, "I try to think it won't affect me too much in the future."     Read More >

Stem Cell Funding is put in Spotlight

Los Angeles Times
5/09/08 In rare remarks aimed at influencing national public policy, former First Lady Nancy Reagan told a star-studded crowd Saturday night that stem cell research must be pursued "to save families from the pain" of debilitating illnesses, such as Alzheimer's disease, which afflicts her husband, former President Reagan. "I am determined to do whatever I can," she said after receiving a standing ovation at a gala fundraiser in her honor at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Read More >

Nancy Reagan Presses the Fight

Sacramento Bee
5/08/08 BEVERLY HILLS - It's as if the coach's wife showed up for the opposing team's pep rally.  The wife of former President Reagan is set to be the star attraction at tonight's $2 million fund-raiser to pay for embryonic stem cell research - an emerging science opposed by her husband's allies in the anti-abortion movement and the GOP. Read More >

Ballot Drive Puts Stem Cell Funding in Voter’s Hands

Wall Street Journal
3/31/04 ROLLING HILLS ESTATES, Calif. -- Dick Seaberg, a 70-year-old anti-abortion Republican, lives near Los Angeles in one of California's most conservative districts. Yet on a recent Saturday morning he was at Starbucks at the Avenue of the Peninsula mall wearing a homemade sandwich board that read, "Please sign petition for stem cell research."  Read More >

Teenager’s Struggle Spurs Push for Bond on Stem Cell Research

San Jose Mercury News
2/7/04 A 13-year-old Portola Valley boy has helped inspire a $3 billion bond proposition for the November ballot that would make Californiathe only state in the nation to fund embryonic stem cell research. Jordan Klein, who has juvenile diabetes, needs a cure to prevent disabilityor early death. Existing treatments won't help. Doctors say a treatmentderived from stem cells is his best bet. Read More >

Group Seeks State Funds for Stem Cell

San Diego Union Tribune
2/7/04 A group of patient advocates and prominent researchers is gathering signatures to get a proposition on the November ballot that could make $3 billion available to California scientists for human embryonic stem cell research.  Read More >

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