San Jose Mercury News 5/11/04



What do Sen. Arlen Specter, Sen. Orrin Hatch and Sen. Bill Frist have in common with Nancy Reagan?

They're all staunch Republicans in support of stem cell research. All told, a dozen Republican senators and 50 members of the House, many of whom are anti-abortion, have announced they oppose President Bush's strict limits on such research.

Reagan spoke publicly for the first time Saturday at a star-studded Beverly Hills event that raised $2 million for a campaign she has long lobbied for in private. She supports scientists who say the research could lead to cures for a host of diseases, including diabetes, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, the disease that disables former President Reagan.

It would be a fitting legacy for one of the nation's most popular presidents if his disease served to boost research to cure afflictions that have devastated millions around the world.

Paid for by YES on 71: Coalition for Stem Cell Research and Cures, #1260661
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