Campaign Update 8/24/04

71 Day Countdown to Election Day - Help us Count Down to Cures

Countdown to Cures begins today- 71 days to Election Day. 71 days to spread the word that Prop 71 will turn the hope for cures into a reality.  With your ongoing help, we will pass Proposition 71 into law 71 days from today.
As momentum continues to build for the YES on Proposition 71 campaign our diverse coalition of supporters is expanding across the state and is carrying our message to every corner of California.

Notable New Endorsements

Proposition 71 already has been endorsed by a large number of grassroots supporters that includes Nobel Prize-winning scientists and medical experts, families involved in patient advocacy and efforts to cure diseases, elected officials, and leading business groups across the state.

The following groups have recently joined our coalition:

  • American Society of Hematology
  • California Academy of Family Physicians
  • California Black Chamber of Commerce
  • Cities of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and West Hollywood
  • Greater LA African American Chamber of Commerce
  • Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Institute of Myeloma and Bone Cancer Research
  • Los Angeles Business Council
  • National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease
  • Orange County Business Council
  • The Parkinson’s Alliance
  • San Francisco Chamber of Commerce

Click Here for a more complete list of members

Action Alert

Newsletter Campaign
Now that your organization has joined with Nobel prize-winning scientists, more than 50 patient and disease advocacy organizations, thousands of medical doctors, medical institutions and many more in support of Proposition 71, we are counting on you to spread the word to your membership.We need your help to communicate to your members that Prop 71 will help turn the hope for cures into a reality. It's simple . . . download the sample newsletter we have provided, personalize the newsletter to your organization and blast it out to your membership via e- mail, mail or post it on your website.

Membership Drive
Have you recruited 71 of your friends to join the Yes on 71 coalition yet? If not - get busy!Contact your friends, family, co-workers, and fellow group members and encourage them to join you in supporting Prop 71. You can forward this message to everyone in your address book and ask them to join you in supporting Prop 71. With your support, and the support of your 71 friends, we will carry our message to every corner of California and pass Prop 71 in just 71 days.

Join The Coalition: YES On Prop. 71

As public attention to the campaign increases, your involvement becomes even more important. You can help us build an effective coalition of statewide supporters and help carry our messages to every corner of California.
Join the Coalition Today!

If you are interested in volunteering at either of our campaign offices (Northern California or Southern California) or at public events across the state, please visit the "Get Involved" section on our website or email for more information. Our volunteer coordinators will be happy to get in touch with you and will keep you up to date on upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Please send this Announcement to your friends, family and colleagues and ask them to join our coalition today. For more information on Proposition 71 the California Stem Cell Research and Cures Initiative - please visit at

Prop 71 is Endorsed by

ALS Therapy Development Foundation | Alliance for Aging Research | Alzheimer's Association, California Council | American Diabetes Association | American Lung Association of California | American Parkinson's Disease Association | California Hepatitis C Task Force | Californians for Cure | Californians for Disability Rights | Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation | Children's Neurobiological Solutions | The Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation | Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research | CuresNow | Cure Pulmonary Fibrosis and COPD | Cure Autism Now Foundation | Cystic Fibrosis Research, Inc. | Diabetes Research Institute | Diabetes Research Institute Foundation | Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation | Fair Foundation: Fair Allocations in Research | Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy | Friends of Cancer Research | Hereditary Disease Foundation | International Society for Stem Cell Research | Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation | Steven and Michele Kirsch Foundation | Late Onset Tay-Sachs Foundation | Leukemia & †Lymphoma Society | Leeza Gibbons Memory Foundation | Maximum Life Foundation | Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research | National Brain Tumor Foundation | National Coalition for Cancer Research (NCCR) | National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease | The Neuropathy Association | Paralysis Project of America | Parkinson's Alliance | Parkinson's Action Network | Parkinson's Disease Foundation | The Parkinson's Institute | Peninsula Parkinson's Support Group, Inc. | Project ALS | Prostate Cancer Foundation | Research! America | Research for Cure | Sickle Cell Disease Foundation of California | Stem Cell Action Network | Stem Cell Research Foundatio | Student Society for Stem Cell Research | Women's Cancer Research Fund

and many more . . .

Join the Coalition Today!

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