Write Letters to Editors

Another way you can help is by writing letters to the editors of your local newspapers to show that people from all walks of life support a YES vote on Prop 71. Many newspapers allow you to submit a letter by email, but some require you to use regular mail. Click here to see a list of California newspapers and the options and requirements for sending them a letter. Below is some more information to help you develop and send your letters. Sample letters.

Tips for Writing Letters to the Editor

  1. Short and to the Point. Newspapers have word limits for letters to the editor. It’s best to keep your letter to 150 words or less.
  2. Get personal. Do you or someone you love suffer from a disease that could be helped or cured by stem cell research? Your letter should tell YOUR story.
  3. Get Local. Remind editors how stem cell research could help thousands of people in your local area and how this measure could help your local economy.
  4. Proofread. Use spell check and proofread the letter carefully to increase the chance you ’ll be published.
  5. Be sure to sign your letter and provide your mailing address and telephone number. Some newspapers contact letter writers to make sure they are “for real.”
  6. Review our Key Messages if you need some facts and points to include in your letter.
  7. See some sample letters to the editor you can use as a model.
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