Stories of Hope

Marion Isaac

In September of 1998 I found a lump in my left breast. Though small, the scope of my diagnosis was enormous for it was Breast Cancer that had spread to 46 lymph nodes. I considered a range of treatment options presented by my oncologists and felt my best choice was to undergo a Stem Cell Transplant. Prior to my diagnosis I was not aware of this cancer therapy.

I waged the fight of my life, a nine-month course of treatment, which involved chemotherapy, high-dose chemotherapy supported by an autologous (using my own) stem cell transplant and seven weeks of radiation therapy. I feel EXTREMELY grateful and fortunate to be in remission and am highly motivated to share my story to raise awareness about the restorative and life giving properties of stem cell therapies. Though considerable strides have been made in medical research, a GREAT need exists to support the funding of ground- breaking stem cell research.

Proposition 71 is a bold initiative for the 21st Century. It gives us the potential to vastly improve the health and welfare of those faced with debilitating and life-threatening disease. It¹s one I strongly champion and I encourage you to vote YES on PROP 71.

Marion Isaac, breast cancer survivor and stem cell transplant recipient