Stories of Hope

Andy Altman

Our son Andy was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes just a year and 1/2 ago, when he was 13. Our family knows diabetes well: Andy's grandfather, uncle and a younger cousin are all juvenile diabetics. Unfortunately, the day to day reality of this disease is still devastating.

We were surprised to hear about Andy's poem from friends after it had been published in a school literary magazine. Andy's into sports--not a sensitive writer type. Andy hadn't shown it to us:





467, the number that changed my life
On that cold, dark Tuesday.
When 467 showed up, I felt my heart do a flip
so I tried again.
467 again.
Then I knew that not only my heart, but my life had flipped too.
I hugged my dad, silently crying,
along with my grandparents, mom and sisters too.

Soon my uncle was there, so I tried again.
And the glucometer said my blood sugar was 455.
Still way too much.

So I sat down and watched a basketball game.
While my mom moped around with my grandma.
And my dad told me how my life would change
But it would be OK.

Soon I was at the hospital
With lots of sick people in a big room
With a gory sitcom on the TV.
It was then I was officially told I had diabetes.
And I knew,

How 467 changed my life.


We are avid supporters of stem cell research and particularly Prop 71. Please help our family find a cure.

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