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Stem cell research is the breakthrough medical technology of the 21st Century. Stem cells hold the promise of new treatments or cures for major diseases that affect millions of people in this state, including diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, cancer, multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, spinal cord injuries, blindness, HIV/AIDS and more than 70 other diseases and conditions. Recognizing the potential to end so much human suffering, the California Stem Cell Research and Cures Initiative, proposed for the November 2004 statewide ballot, will provide $295 million a year over ten years for this critically needed life-saving research.

Stem Cells Provide The Body’s Basic Building Blocks...

  • Many diseases and injuries result from the destruction, damage or depletion of essential groups of cells within our bodies. For example, diabetes can result from the destruction of insulinproducing cells in the pancreas.
  • Medical researchers believe that stem cells can replace diseased cell populations within patients, effectively reversing the symptoms of a disease and perhaps even curing it.
  • The most promising kind of stem cells, the so-called "pluripotent" stem cells, are unspecialized cells that have the ability to become almost any type of cell found in adults.
  • In addition, new tissues generated by emerging stem cell techniques may be less likely to be rejected by a patient’s immune system.

Stringent Ethical Standards Will Be Imposed...

  • Human Reproductive Cloning Is Strictly Banned Under California Law, A Regulation That Is Reinforced By The Initiative.
  • Stem Cell Research Proposed By This Initiative Is Not Human Cloning.
  • A Citizen-Based Bioethics Panel With Renowned Doctors, Scientists And Bioethicists Will Review Proposals To Ensure Compliance With National Codes Of Ethics, Patient Privacy And Safety.

Broad Consensus Exists In Support Of Stem Cell Research...

  • The Use Of Stem Cells For Medical Research Is Supported By Such Prestigious Groups As The American Medical Association, American Association For The Advancement Of Science, American Diabetes Association, Association Of American Medical Colleges, National Health Council, National Coalition For Cancer Research And Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation.


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