Coalition Members - Latino Groups & Leaders

A partial list of members. Titles and affiliations are included for identification purposes only.


Latino Organizations

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Labor Council for Latin American Advancement

La Raza Lawyers Association

Latino Business Forum

Latino Coalition for a Healthy California

National Coalition of Hispanic Organizations

Latino Medical Doctors, Business Leaders,
Advocacy Leaders and Community Leaders

Senator Richard Alarcon
State Senator
20th Senatorial District

Congressman Xavier Becerra
US House of Representatives
31st District of California

Assemblyman Rudy Bermudez
56th Assembly District of California

Congressman Dennis Cardoza
US House of Representatives
18th District of California

Senator Gilbert Cedillo
State Senator
22nd Senatorial District

Assemblyman Ed Chavez
57th Assembly District of California

Senator Denise Moreno Ducheny
State Senator
40th Senatorial District

Senator Martha Escutia
State Senator
30th Senatorial District

Senator Liz Figueroa
State Senator
10th Senatorial District

Assemblyman Marco Firebaugh
50th District of California

Jose Garcia
Executive Director
Inquilinos Unidos

Robert Martinez
Pico Water District

Assemblywoman Cindy Montanez
39th Assembly District of California

Congresswoman Grace Napolitan
US House of Representatives
38th District of California


Keda Alcala Obledo
Executive Director
National Coalition of Hispanic Organizations

Mario Obledo
National Coalition of Hispanic Organizations
Former CA Secretary of State

Senator Deborah Ortiz
State Senator
6th Senatorial District
Chair, Senate Health and Human Services Committee

Council Member Alex Padilla
Los Angeles City Council

County Supervisor Peter Parra
Kern County

Mayor Miguel Pulido
City of Santa Ana

Assemblywoman Sarah Reyes
31st Assembly District of California

Lois Rodriguez
California La Raza Lawyers Association

Senator Gloria Romero
State Senator
24th Senatorial District

Assemblyman Simon Salinas
28th Assembly District of California

Congresswoman Linda T. Sanchez
US House of Representatives
39th District of California

Congresswoman Hilda Solis
US House of Representatives
32nd District of California

Senator Nell Soto
State Senator
32nd Senatorial District

Paul Vega
Executive Director
Young Latino Leaders


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