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Some of the reasons I am trying to get on the ballot include:

  • We need a Governor who can make REAL changes and do things differently.  If Davis is recalled then I know I can make a difference for the people of California.  I have new, creative SPECIFIC solutions to solve many of the problems that the career politicians have created.  WE need to take a new approach and realize that we do NOT need new taxes to keep all the programs we want if we were to GET EVERY BIT OF VALUE OUT OF EVERY DOLLAR.  I will save the State of California more than the 12% deficit that is projected for next year.  My plan will keep all necessary programs WITHOUT raising taxes.


  • Career politicians are not getting the job done!  This government is by the people for the people so ordinary citizens must step up to the plate and try to make changes to revitalize this State to where it was just a few short years ago!


  • I believe we can LOWER TAXES WITHOUT CUTTING SERVICES.  $99,000,000,000.00 that will be spent this year is enough money if we use it wisely and efficiently.  If we focus on prevention and efficiency we will save enough in the long-run so that we can have all the programs we find necessary WITHOUT NEW TAXES!


  • As a teacher for the past 15 years I know that EDUCATION MUST BE A TOP PRIORITY!  We must develop students' full potential through programs that increase intelligence and creativity.  I know not everyone is destined for college and those students must have the trade skills necessary to obtain a good job out of high school.


  • We MUST PREVENT CRIME, DISEASE, ENVIRONMENTAL DEGRADATION, and SAFEGUARD OUR FOOD SUPPLY.  Prevention is a much cheaper and more humane solution than to have to deal with a problem that has snowballed.


  • Eliminating PACs. soft money, and lobbying by former public servants must be adopted since this is destroying our State.  The main reason change will be difficult is because out elected leaders are bought and sold with special interest money.  If they crack down and force better deals they are afraid of the possible consequences, they might not be re-elected.  I am taking NO DONATIONS, and I am funding this campaign myself so there are NO special interests that can threaten me.


  • A sustainable, safe,  properly labeled food supply is very important.  Sustainable organic agriculture practices should be encouraged and mandatory labeling and testing of genetically engineered foods should be adopted.


  • I was strangely compelled to run.  I have always been a person who follows my heart and intuition since fighting it is a losing battle.  I decided to run because I had to.


If you are willing to help or if you have any other questions you can e-mail me at vote@priceforgov.com or call me at (707) 616-5382. 


Darin Price

Natural Law Candidate for Governor.

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