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Here is where I stand on some of the issues:

The Recall - I am STRONGLY OPPOSED to the recall election.  Remember, I am someone who is NOT a democrat, who did NOT vote for Davis in the last election, and who thinks he is doing a TERRIBLE job.  However, I do NOT think Davis was criminal nor grossly negligent and I think recalls should be reserved for extreme behaviors.


The Economy - IT'S STILL THE ECONOMY STUPID!  This whole situation is happening because our economy has been declining.  Those in charge must always remember, IT IS ALWAYS THE ECONOMY that must come first.  Through conservation, efficiency, prevention, & pro-growth fiscal policies our leaders can ensure there is decent a job for everyone who wants one, peoples lives will be improved.


Taxes - I believe that $99,000,000,000.00 in taxes is enough money to have all of the programs we want WITHOUT NEW TAXES.  Through efficiency, conservation, prevention, and fiscal policies that make sense, attract business, and increase our bond rating we can make the same money go further and do more.  The solution to every problem is not always to just throw more money at it, through creativity and efficiency you can save money and simultaneously increase the benefits.


Education - As a teacher for the past 15 years at the high school, junior college, and university levels, I believe that education is as important as anything else to ensure people get the most out of life.  Every student who graduates from high school must be literate and schools must develop every students' full potential through programs that increase intelligence, creativity, and problem solving abilities.  Teachers can NOT do this alone.  Parents must also take some responsibility in the education of their children.  Teachers who each meet with students for less than one hour a day can NOT be solely responsibly for the education of every child.  While teachers must be properly trained and qualified, parents must also do their part to ensure that the next generations will have the skills and attitudes to succeed in this fast changing society.


Health Care - This is a major problem and I must admit that I do not have all the answers to solve this extremely important and complicated issue at this time (yes, I can admit when I don't know something).  Remember, I am not alone, some of the greatest minds in the America also donít seem to have all of the answers.  I do know that PREVENTION is more cost effective and a much easier solution than fighting a disease after is has occurred.  I also know that the unprecedented increase in health care costs and insurance premiums must be addressed so that people can get health care and the prescription medicines they need without having to choose between their health and food, heat, or even bankruptcy.  If I was required to pay for 100% of my familyís health care premium it would cost more than my housing costs, this is wrong.  Also, if health care costs continue to increase we will be mandated to spend 100% of our tax revenue (currently we are at about 92% mandated) and will have zero budgetary discretion at some point in the near future.  I do believe that we may need to come up with some absolutely minimal affordable health care coverage for people.  This coverage may not pay any deductibles but would at least get individuals the reduced negotiated rates that heath care providers get from doctors and hospital visits.  This would also encourage prevention.  If people know they could see a doctor when they were sick, a tremendous savings would be realized from emergency room visits that would have otherwise occurred and would free up a significant amount of money to help offset the cost.  We should also be able to do something about prescription drug prices.  I find it odd that in Canada prescription drugs are less than 1/2 the price as they are here in California.  Canadians seem to have been able to reduce drug prices and maybe as a State, we would need to buy prescription drugs in bulk to try to get the prices down (Costco approach).  This would at least be a start, but more would needed to be done as well.


The Environment - I believe we must protect our environment.  Clean water and air is vital for all living things.  We need to protect our natural environment so it can be enjoyed for all future generations and to maintain the health of the planet.  This environmental protection must be balanced with the right of people to use their own land in useful and productive ways.  Landowners SHOULD have the right to develop and use their land but hey do NOT have the right to do so in ways that will negatively impact other peoples property or wildlife that belongs to all of us.  I do NOT think we need new laws to do this.  I think there are enough laws on the books now that would ensure a healthy environment can be maintained if all the current laws were strictly enforced.


Abortion - I am pro-choice.  We would all agree that the best situation would be if there would never be the need for an abortion.  However, I don't think we have the right to tell any person what they MUST do with their body, so it is always a woman's' choice.


Gun Control - I believe anyone who is legally qualified has the right to own firearms.  I also believe that owning a gun should encumber at least the same responsibilities as driving a car.  To get a drivers license one must pass a written test as well as a road test.  I believe the same procedures should be used for firearms.  To buy a new or used firearm an individual must complete theoretical and hands-on training.


Death Penalty - I am not opposed to the death penalty under circumstances of egregious behavior.  There MUST also be absolute certainty in guilt, all due process and appeals should be fair and lawful, and genetic tests should be done for all current death row inmates and future death penalty cases where possible to ensure guilt beyond the shadow of any doubt.  I do NOT believe the death penalty is a deterrent nor is it cost efficient.  We spend more money putting a convict to death than we do when we sentence to life without parole. Because it is not a deterrent nor cost efficient I think the people of Californian should reconsider the death sentence, but since it is the current law, if a death warrant came across my desk as Governor, if all the safeguards I have stated were followed, I would sign it.


Prop. 13 - I am in favor of proposition 13 and I believe we MUST honor the promises that were made to the people who own homes.  I have found many people do not really understand proposition 13, and if you would like more information about proposition 13  please click here.  If proposition 13 is repealed we will have changed the rules in the middle of the game for every current home owner.  I know that almost every elderly person and most of the people in my family and homeowners I know would probably lose their homes if proposition 13 is repealed.  This would also destroy the California housing market and our economy.  If people want to change the laws that are in place because of  proposition 13 it MUST be grandfathered in so everyone currently under the proposition 13 laws would remain and all new home buyers would know the new rules they will be under.  If a current home owner was under the impression that their property taxes would remain at a known cost and they budgeted on that knowledge it is important that the agreement that was made by our leaders be honored.  If an elderly person is now paying $500 per year in taxes and that was raised to $5000 the owner is likely to lose their home.  As State we MUST HONOR THE PROMISES WE HAVE MADE!  If the law is changed for all new home buyers, they will know before they buy that they will be reassessed every year and their property taxes may rise significantly.  If they buy property with that knowledge, then they know the rules going into the game and that is fair.


The Solution - The solution to all of these problems is strict fiscal management which minimizes waste, ensuring that we get the most value for every dollar spent, and using CREATIVITY to solve these problems.  If you think there are only 2 options, such as Republican vs. Democrat, or socially liberal vs. fiscally conservative, you are forgetting that with creativity and imagination there are also other options that can be created.  Therein lies the answer.


If you are willing to help or if you have any other questions you can e-mail me at vote@priceforgov.com or call me at (707) 616-5382. 


Darin Price

Natural Law Candidate for Governor.

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