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Here is some info on my background:


I am a resident of  Humboldt County, which is located among the Redwood Forests on the Pacific Coast 300 miles north of San Francisco.


I have been married since 1996 to my wife, Sandra, a licensed Real Estate Broker.  We live together with our 4 dogs, 4 cats, and 2 horses in the town of McKinleyville.

I am currently teaching chemistry at Humboldt State University.  I have been a teacher for the past 15 years.  I have taught at the high school, jr. college and now at the university level. 

I have served in student government since elementary school including holding a top office while attending Humboldt State University.  I have extensive experience in budget matters and have chaired finance committees with multi-million dollar budgets.

I have degrees in chemistry, math, physical science as well as multiple high school and junior college teaching credentials.  I also have extensive postgraduate coursework in environmental engineering.

My wife and I enjoy fishing, skiing, diving, golfing, and walking the dogs at the beach.   My wife, Sandra, is also an avid endurance horseback rider and enjoys most outdoor activities.

Myself, the Natural Law Party in Humboldt County, and California needs your help! Please feel free to ask questions, or offer comments or assistance.

You can e-mail me at vote@priceforgov.com or call me at (707) 616-5382 if you are willing to help.


Darin Price

Natural Law Candidate for Governor.

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