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Accused murderer Fred Stettler showing Capt. Bert Wallis and Det. Lt. Miles Ledbetter money Stettler had stolen and hidden in a potato sack at his home

Fire fighters hosing down the former site of the Golden State Fireworks and Display Co. plant after an explosion, February 1940

Private detective Pearl Antibus appears in court with her daughter Norma Thelan and son Robert Antibus during her trial against millionaire Thomas W. Warner, Sr, Los Angeles, 1938

Deputy Sheriff Bess Bailey escorts Betty Flay Hardaker during her trial for the murder of her daughter, Los Angeles, 1940

Charles Hardaker at the inquest for his wife, Betty Flay Hardaker, Los Angeles, 1940

Betty Hardaker, mother convicted of murdering her daughter, sits in jail after being taken into custody, Los Angeles, 1940