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Tony Cornero with Capt. Robert C. Burdett, the skipper of his newly refurbished gambling ship, the Bunker Hill or Lux, Los Angeles, 1946

Wrestler Dean Detton fallen out of the ring during his match against Bronko Nagurski at Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, November 17, 1937

Abe Schwartz, a juror for the murder trial of Paul A. Wright, Los Angeles, 1938

"Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI" float at the Tournament of Roses Parade, Pasadena, 1936

Lockheed employees and members of the International Association of Machinists prepare a model aircraft to be used on a float in the Tournament of Roses Parade, Pasadena, 1946

Robert Noble, man accused of running a pension scheme, sits in court during his misdemeanor trial, Los Angeles, 1937

Crowd waiting to enter Shrine Auditorium for a performance of Tristan and Isolde on opening night of the opera, Los Angeles, November 15, 1937

Court Clerk E.C. Averre and deputy District Attorneys Edwin Meyers, A.A. Van Cott and John Barnes, Los Angeles, 1937

Three cooperative supporters pictured with cows, Los Angeles, 1930s

Private detective Pearl Antibus testifies against millionaire Thomas W. Warner, Sr., Los Angeles, 1938

Charles Hardaker comforts his wife Betty Hardaker during her trial for the murder of their daughter, Los Angeles, 1940

Film producer and co-founder of Paramount Pictures, Jesse L. Lasky, with older woman.

Fire fighters hose down one of many fires that raged after the Markay oil tanker exploded in L.A. Harbor, Los Angeles, 1947

Deputy Fire Chief Herbert A. Krumsiek and Assistant Fire Chief W.H. Augustine, Los Angeles, March 4, 1940

Chief of the L.A.P.D. James E. Davis speaks with Capt. William F. Hynes in his office, circa 1934.

Group of unknown women pictured at the murder trial for Dr. George K. Dazey, accused of murdering his wife, Los Angeles, 1940

Women harvest turnips at a community garden in Los Angeles county, circa February 1934.

Construction inside Commercial Exchange Building, Downtown Los Angeles, 1935

Senator John J. Phillips, chairman of a legislative committee appointed to investigate the practices and policies of the S.R.A., Los Angeles, March 5, 1940

Alleged blackmailer George Wallace, alias Robert M. Nixon, with U.S. Marshal William S. Sweeney, Los Angeles, 1940

Jewell Adams with her husband John at a banquet where she was honored for her ten years of service as an L.A.P.D. switchboard operator, Los Angeles, 1938

Michael Kreinman and Norma Ann Jacobs during Child Welfare Day at the Beverly Hills Athletic Club, Beverly Hills, March 2, 1940

Thomas W. Warner Jr. testifies in his suit against Pearl Antibus, Los Angeles, 1938

President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt greet crowd from a train as they arrive, Los Angeles, 1935

Brothers Benny and Tony Lucey Castellucci reunited after 32 years in Benny's Italian café, Los Angeles, February 28, 1940

Robert Lange, his sister Ruth Lange and Werner Kawert sitting on a table in the press room, Los Angeles, 1940

Charles L Rawlins, attorney for the receiver and trustees of the Arizona Edison Company, circa November 1935

Harold Bell Wright, author, Los Angeles

Assistant chief liquor control officer Prentiss Moore leading a raid on the home of Cole Catalonotte, Los Angeles, 1935

Murder suspect Robert S. James sitting on the witness stand with a plan of his house behind him, Los Angeles, 1936

Five girls sitting around a table in a classroom, Los Angeles, March 1946

Cafe operator Agnes O'Brien on the witness stand during the liquor license bribe trial, Los Angeles, 1937

Assemblymen Jack Tenney and Sam Yorty at hearings for charges of Communist activity against members of the Los Angeles County S.R.A., Feb. 5, 1940

Jury selected for the trial of Police Captain Earle E. Kynette and his subordinate officers Roy J. Allen and Fred A. Browne, Los Angeles, 1938

Accused murderer Paul A. Wright on the witness stand, Los Angeles, 1938

Accused murderer Paul A. Wright in court, Los Angeles, 1938

Murder suspect Robert S. James standing next to an unidentified man in court, Los Angeles, 1936