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Elizabeth Klomp in court for shoplifting $10.45 of merchandise, Los Angeles, February 19, 1940

Spectators check their betting sheet on opening day of Santa Anita's fourth horse racing season, Arcadia, December 25, 1937

Honeybee stinging a woman's shoulder to treat her arthritis in Dr. Raymond L. Carey's laboratory, Los Angeles, November 9, 1941

Honeybee stinging a patient's arm to treat arthritis in Dr. Raymond L. Carey's laboratory, Los Angeles, November 9, 1941

Leading enforcement officials at a conference about gambling control at the Attorney General's office in the State Building, Los Angeles, 1937

President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Mayor Frank L. Shaw ride in a motorcade, Los Angeles, 1935

Mrs. Jennie Schwuchow waiting to testify at murder trial of Dr. George K. Dazey, Los Angeles, 1940

Sleepy Lagoon murder case acquittal

Assemblywoman Jeanette E. Daley, vice-chairman of a legislative committee appointed to investigate the practices and policies of the S.R.A., Los Angeles, March 5, 1940

Paul A. Wright with his attorney Jerry Giesler at an inquest for Wright, who is accused of the double murder of his wife and best friend, Los Angeles, November 12, 1937

Federic Franklin and Franz Allers at the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo performance of "Ghost Town," Los Angeles, 1940

Police Captain Earle E. Kynette, Officer Roy J. Allen, and Officer Fred A. Browne stand in court after being charged with conspiracy to commit murder, Los Angeles, 1938

Thomas W. Warner, Jr. sits next to private detective Pearl Antibus who was suing his millionaire father for damages that resulted from a raid on her home, Los Angeles, 1938

Side view of "The Tombstone", a slab of the St. Francis Dam visible after its disastrous collapse, San Francisquito Canyon, 1928

Judge James Francis Thaddeus O'Connor speaks next to congressman Thomas Francis Ford, Los Angeles, 1930s

D. E. Kammen on the witness stand during a trial concerning the double traffic crash that killed Charles M. Daneri, Los Angeles, 1940

Myrtle L. Mantz, aviator and first wife of Paul Mantz, motion picture stunt pilot and consultant. Circa February 1936.

Captain Lars H. Weseth looking through binoculars, Los Angeles, May 23, 1940

Captain Lars H. Weseth looking through a sextant, Los Angeles, May 23, 1940

Ada Williams Ince, young actress, divorces William T. Ince, son of producer Thomas H. Ince. April 13, 1934.

Sleepy Lagoon murder case acquittal

Lieut. Gen. John L. DeWitt, Lieut. Col. Rupert Hughes, and Capt. Claude B. Mayo speaking at a military banquet, Los Angeles, 1940

View of the courtroom where child-murderer Albert Dyer's trial began, Los Angeles, 1937

Russian aviators meet the press after breaking the non-stop flight record, flying from Moscow to San Jacinto, CA. July 14, 1937.

Sidney T. Graves, former L.A. County Supervisor, awaiting imprisonment in San Quentin.

Law enforcement officials George Fisher, Elizabeth Fiske, and J.W. Buckley surrounded by bags of food, Los Angeles, circa 1930

Players collide during an NFL football game between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears at Gilmore Stadium, Los Angeles, 1937

Police Chief James E. Davis testifying before the grand jury about the attempted murder of Harry Raymond, Los Angeles, 1938

E. Manchester Boddy, publisher of the Los Angeles Daily and Evening News, photographed with newspaper employees, Los Angeles, 1936

Emma Boyts, 15, sitting on a chair on top of a desk, Los Angeles, November 13, 1939

Mrs. Zella Jeffers, accused of engaging in immoral acts with her husband, Reverend Joseph Jeffers, in front of guests in their home, Los Angeles, 1939

Entryway next to the Mission Plaza Church, Los Angeles, 1953