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Rabbi Edgar F. Magnin, Bishop Bertrand Stevens, Thomas S. Evans, and Reverend Everett Clinchy pose in front of an airplane, Los Angeles, 1935

Indian teepee float in the Loyalty Day Parade inaugurating Boys' Week, Los Angeles, 1926

Geneva Shimp poses with ancient Egyptian glassware at the Natural History Museum, 1935

Gale Banks with her two daughters, members of Divine Order of the Royal Arms of the Great Eleven in Los Angeles, Calif., 1929

Historic locket, Los Angeles, 1936

Emil Ludwig disembarks from a railroad car, Los Angeles, 1933

George Godfrey, heavyweight boxer, strikes a boxing pose [outside the KJH Radio studio, Los Angeles(?)], circa 1926-1927

Occidental high jumper knocks over the bar on his jump attempt during the U.S.C. and Occidental dual track meet, Los Angeles, [1926]

Portrait of ex-diplomat Dr. J. Morton Howell, Los Angeles, 1935