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Wilson West and George M. West sit at a table in the library of the West's house at 240 South Griffin Avenue, Los Angeles, 1899

Wilson West reads a book in the library of the West's house, Los Angeles, 1899

Minnie Kellum and Lucretia Kellum stand on a sidewalk in their neighborhood, Los Angeles, about 1899

Daisy Kellum and Minnie Kellum perform a scene from a play in their yard, Los Angeles, about 1899

Earl Kellum and Daisy Kellum glance to the right while on their front porch, Los Angeles, about 1899

H. H. West pours a glass of wine for Earl Kellum, Los Angeles, about 1899

Nella A. West, Wilson West and Wayne West pose in their front yard on South Workman Street, Los Angeles, 1894

Former West family residence on South Workman Street, viewed from the front, Los Angeles, 1894

Soldier in a crowd with Southern Pacific Railroad's River Station in the background, Los Angeles, 1898