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Passengers stand on the decks of the S. S. Catalina, Santa Catalina Island vicinity, 1948

Avalon Bay, viewed from the approaching S. S. Catalina, Santa Catalina Island, 1948

U. G. Smith helps Elmer Cole, Al Schmitz and Charlie Stavnow dig worms while H. H. West watches, Bishop, 1918

H. H. West and "Count" Adams stand near caught fish hanging on wooden beams, Santa Catalina Island, 1909

H. H. West, Jr., Mertie West and Wes and Zetta Witherby pose for a photograph, Los Angeles, 1925

Elizabeth West and Frances West pose on a tree in Chatsworth Park, Los Angeles, circa 1915

Tents pitched at the Schmitz, Scullin and West party campsite near Convict Creek, Mammoth Lakes vicinity, 1918

Winnie Scott, Cleo Swain and Mills Helen eating lunch near an outcrop of rocks, Los Padres National Forest vicinity, about 1917

William Shaw, Mertie West, Agnes and Forrest Whitaker stand on rocks in Pine Creek while H. H. West Jr. sits in front, Inyo County vicinity, about 1930

Presbyterian church on the corner of Colorado and Los Robles, Pasadena, 1899

Lettice Chapman Reid, Lena Brigham, Lizzie Ritchie Geddes and Alice Riley Tallman pose at the Pioneer Picnic held in Sycamore Grove Park, Los Angeles, 1940

Ben Tyler, Lena Weideman, Mary Dixon, Daisy Connor, and Mr. Weideman sit on the grass in Lincoln (Eastlake) Park, Los Angeles, about 1900

Daisy Conner walks down steps in MacArthur (Westlake) Park along with two children and two women, Los Angeles, about 1900

Man steers a bicycle boat with passengers on the lake at Hollenbeck Park, Los Angeles, about 1898

Shoot the chute ride and the Chutes Theatre, San Francisco, 1900

Baskets on display in the window of an old building, Jacksonville, 1942

H. H. West stands next to his Buick near the summit of the Blue Mountains, Emigrant Springs State Park vicinity, 1942

History of Oregon Trail historical marker, Meacham, 1942

Agnes and Forrest Whitaker stand outside the Wells cabin in a snowy landscape, Big Bear, 1932

Women in the West and/or Schmitz family washing dishes on a picnic table, Lake Arrowhead, circa 1923

Wilfrid Cline, Jr. and Harry Schmitz posing by the car, Siskiyou County, 1917

Wilfrid Cline, Jr. standing by a large log in camp, Siskiyou County, 1917

Someone standing by the camp stove with a plate, Trinity County, 1917

Ade Bystle's Ford parked in a clearing with a flat tire, Trinity County, 1917

First George M. West family residence in Los Angeles, viewed from the front, Los Angeles, 1941

H. H. West, Jr., Keyo and Ambrose Cline posing while standing atop rocks in a stream, San Francisquito Canyon, about 1923

H. H. West fishing while standing atop a rock in the San Gabriel River, San Gabriel Canyon, about 1903

Will P. Mead stands atop a rock and fishes in the San Gabriel River, San Gabriel Canyon, about 1903

H. H. West, Jr. posing in front of the miner's tent, San Francisquito Canyon, about 1923

Glen Velzy and Henry Robinson resting in Robinson's car, Westlake Village, about 1915

Roy Bagley sitting outside his cabin and putting on boots, Westlake Village, about 1915

H. H. West holding two fish and posing with his catch, Newport Beach, 1914

Ray Schmitz stands on a dirt road outside the Anderson Valley Hotel in Boonville, Mendocino County, 1915

Roy Bagley sitting outside his cabin, Westlake Village, about 1915