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The Toganoo Collection (栂尾文庫) was a private library of Shōun Toganoo (栂尾祥雲), the first library director and the fifth president of Koyasan University, established as a monastic school for Shingon Buddhist monks and specialized in Shingon Buddhism in Mount Koya, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. Shōun, Shingon monk and scholar originally from Kagawa Prefecture, was also the second director of the Institute of Esoteric Culture, a research institute in Koyasan. The entire collection consists of nearly 340 titles in 1,000 volumes of modern and premodern (115 titles in 333 volumes) materials including two mandala manuscript scrolls. Strong in Shingon esoteric sect, its premodern collection contains Buddhist manuscripts and prints from the 14th to the 19th centuries on both exoteric and esoteric traditions. The collection was purchased by UCLA Library in 1962. Sixty-six selected manuscripts are reproduced in print in a 13-volume set, The Toganoo collection of exoteric and esoteric works kept in the University of California 栂尾コレクション顕密典籍文書集成 (Hirakawa Shuppansha, 1981). Pre-Meiji works are searchable by “toganoo collection” in UCLA Library OPAC and included in Jun Suzuki’s print catalog, Catalog of Rare Japanese Materials at the University of California, Los Angeles カリフォルニア大学所蔵栂尾コレクション顕密典籍文書集成 (Tōsui Shobō, 2000).

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