Taxpayers Right to Vote - Yes on Proposition 16

Taxpayers Right to Vote - Yes on 16

Why we need Proposition 16

Proposition 16, The Taxpayers Right to Vote Act does one thing: It requires voter approval before local governments can spend public money or incur public debt to get into the electricity business. And like most other major local special tax and bond decisions in California, this would require two-thirds voter approval.

Right now local governments in California can take over private electric businesses without letting local voters have the final say in the decision. Proposition 16 establishes clear voter approval requirements before local governments can go into the retail electricity business.

In these days with government spending out of control and mounting government debt of over $145 billion in California—the best financial safeguard for taxpayers is to give voters the final say in these important decisions.

Supporters of the Taxpayers Right to Vote Act – Yes on Prop 16 (including PG&E, the California Taxpayers' Association and The California Chamber of Commerce) believe it is the taxpayers' money, and in the end, the taxpayers' problem if a government-run electricity business fails.

These are tough times for all of us. Protect your right to decide how your money should be spent.


Paid for by Yes on 16/Californians to Protect Our Right to Vote, major funding from Pacific Gas and Electric Company and CA Business PAC, sponsored by CA Chamber of Commerce, a coalition of taxpayers, business and labor.