Meg Whitman Endorsed Vice President Al Gore For President

Posted on March 7, 2010 at 12:00 pm

For over a year, Meg Whitman has masqueraded as a “darn good Republican” while running for governor. However, she’s conveniently avoided telling California’s conservative voters that she endorsed Sen. Barbara Boxer’s 2004 campaign and said she was a “huge fan” of radical activist Van Jones. But the biggest surprise that she’s hidden from voters is her prominent endorsement of Vice President Al Gore’s presidential campaign in 2000.

Whitman was among a small group of technology executives who backed the global warming crusader’s campaign against George W. Bush. As early as August 2000, her colleagues counted her among Gore’s most steadfast CEO allies.

Maybe Whitman’s trip on a global warming cruise with Jimmy Carter and her $300,000 contribution to the Environmental Defense Fund make sense after all.
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