Vote NO on Prop 25 to stop more spending and higher taxes by Sacramento politicians.

Vote YES on Prop 26 to protect our right to vote on local taxes.

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Speaking Out About Props. 25 and 26

“The politicians in Sacramento are trying to raise taxes, which makes it harder for businesses like mine to create jobs.”

–  David Houston, Barney's Beanery, West Hollywood

“Small businesses are already struggling to stay in business. Higher taxes make it even tougher to keep our doors open and people employed.”

–  Janine Montoya, Valley Aire Heating and Air

“[Prop 26] accomplishes needed reforms to restrain tax-grabbing politicians…We urge a Yes vote.” – OC Register

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Over a Dozen Newspapers Say NO to Prop. 25

"Prop. 25 is a recipe for fiscal disaster." –  SD Union Tribune

"No on Prop. 25, it's the wrong cure." - Ventura County Star

What are people saying about Prop. 25? Vote NO. Read more.