California's Constitution says, "The Legislature shall pass the budget bill by midnight on June 15 of each year." But the Legislature has failed to meet the constitutional deadline for over 23 years - and counting:

YES on Proposition 25

Every year, budget gridlock and political games hurt schools, threaten vital services and cost taxpayers millions. Prop 25 reforms this broken system, holding legislators accountable when they fail to pass the budget on time.

Proposition 25 does 3 things
  1. Reforms California’s broken budget process by requiring a majority vote on the state budget – like 47 other states.
  2. Hold legislators accountable for failing to do their jobs. If they fail to pass a budget on time, they don’t get paid. And they can’t pay themselves back later.
  3. Preserves the two-thirds vote required to raise taxes.

Take Action

Show your support for Prop 25 and help spread the news. Together, we can end budget gridlock.
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