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When the State raids and borrows funds intended for local governments and transportation services, it jeopardizes the services Californians need most, including police, fire and emergency 911 services; local economic development and redevelopment; mass transit like buses and commuter rail; and transportation improvements like road safety repairs and congestion relief.

The Local Taxpayers, Public Safety and Transportation Protection Act will protect these vital local services from State raids and borrowing. 

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Local Services in Your Community are at Risk Unless We Pass the Local Taxpayer, Public Safety and Transportation Protection Act:

Public Safety
Local governments provide  the vast majority of law enforcement, fire protection, emergency response and public safety services in California.  In fact, on average, 65% of city discretionary budgets go to fund police and fire programs and services and more than half of county discretionary budgets go to fund law enforcement, emergency medical and public health programs and services. Even though California voters have overwhelmingly voted to stop State raids of local government funds vital for public safety services. the State continues to use loopholes in the law to take local funds. Read more …

Transportation and Transit

California voters have repeatedly and overwhelmingly passed ballot measures to dedicate the gas taxes we pay at the pump to transportation and transit improvement projects like road safety repairs, congestion relief, and maintaining and expanding mass transit.  Despite this, in the past few years alone the State has raided billions of dollars in public transit funding, and has threatened to borrow or outright take billions of dollars in Prop. 42 and HUTA gas tax funds that are supposed to fund transportation and transit improvements. Read more…

Community and Local Services

California voters have overwhelmingly passed separate ballot measures to dedicate local funding sources to essential local services and to prevent the State from shifting or raiding local funds.  Despite this, the State recently passed a budget that borrows and takes $5 billion in local funds this year. This year’s raids and previous, ongoing state raids and borrowing are jeopardizing the services Californians need most like police, fire, parks, road maintenance, transit, libraries, senior services and more.  Read more…

The borrowing and raiding of local government and transportation funds jeopardize our local economy and business climate.  For example the State’s raid of $2+ billion in redevelopment funds this year could otherwise support up to 198,000 full- and part-time jobs in the construction and related industries. Redevelopment activities help support new business opportunities in local communities – when redevelopment funds are raided, it stymies job creation and business development. 
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Paid for by Yes on 22/Californians to Protect Local Taxpayers and Vital Services, a coalition of taxpayers, public safety, local government, transportation, business and labor, with major funding from the League of California Cities (non-public funds and CitiPAC) and the California Alliance for Jobs Rebuild California Committee
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