Local Leaders Support Prop. 22

KGPE-TV47 (CBS, Fresno)

October 20, 2010

Alexandra Limon

Valley law enforcement and government leaders wore boxing gloves to symbolize the fight against state government taking local funds.  The event in Downtown Fresno was in support of Proposition 22.

“We are all here to say it's time to fight back.  It is time to stop Sacramento from raiding our local funds,” said Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin.  Mayor Swearengin says last year the state government took or borrowed $5 billion dollars of local revenue across the state.

One example of where the funds were taken from, $1.8 million from Tulare redevelopment agency.  “State politicians these days seem to have an addiction to raiding these local revenues.  Yes on prop 22 will stop the raiding and protect vital local services like 911 emergency dispatch, police, fire,” said Tulare Mayor, Craig Vejvoda.

Local officials say budget cuts combined with the raiding of local funds has had far reaching affects. “In the past two years alone in the city of Fresno we've lost over 300 positions in the Fresno police department which include 55 police officers,” said Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer.  So Wednesday valley leaders had this a message.
“Urging voters to fight back against Sacramento politicians who keep raiding our local tax dollars that are supposed to be used to fund our vital local services,” said Swearengin.  

Opponents of Proposition 22 worry that a lack of money for the state could affect state funded health and social services.


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