New Yes on 22 Website Details Massive Cuts to City Services throughout California Due to Ongoing State Budget Raids and Economic Meltdown

Passing Prop. 22 Stops State Raids of Local Government Funds and Protects Local Public Safety, Emergency Response and Other Local Services from Further Devastating Cuts

For Immediate Release: October 14, 2010

Contact: Kathy Fairbanks (916) 443-0872

Sacramento, CA – The Yes on 22 campaign rolled out a new website today which details significant cuts to city services in cities throughout California due to ongoing State budgetary raids and the economic meltdown. Hundreds of cities throughout the state have had to cut police, fire, emergency 911, parks, libraries, road improvements and other services in the last few years.

“All over California, ongoing State raids of local government funds are forcing deep cuts to the community services that local residents rely upon,” said Chris McKenzie, executive director of the League of California Cities. “From police and fire, to 911 emergency response, to parks, libraries and road repair, cities have made tough choices to cut services because the state legislature keeps raiding our local funds. Prop. 22 will stop these State raids and help protect vital local services.”

“Our ability to protect the public’s safety has been directly jeopardized by ongoing State raids of local funds,” said Belmont/San Carlos Fire Chief Doug Fry, president of the Fire Chiefs Department, League of CA Cities. “Cities have had to lay off fire and police positions, brown out or close fire stations, and make other cuts that slow response times and our ability to do our job. Voters should support Prop. 22 to protect funding for public safety and 911 emergency response.”

Some examples of the service cuts in cities available at

•    The City of Fremont has closed two fire stations and reduced response times to residential burglar alarms.
•    The City of Oakland laid off 80 sworn police officers and is considering laying off more.
•    The City of Salinas laid off nine sworn police officers and seven firefighters.
•    The City of Chico reduced three fire department positions, downstaffed one engine company (loss of one fire engine and one fire truck) and cut 17 positions in the police department.
•    The City of Lincoln closed a fire station, leaving only two fire engines to serve a city of 42,000 people, where there would typically be four engines. Lincoln also laid off 7 police officers.
•    The City of Stockton “browned out” one fire engine company, eliminated 26 sworn police officer positions, and closed two libraries.
•    The City of Clovis eliminated 20 police officer and 11 firefighter positions and shut down all youth-related recreational programs.
•    The City of Bakersfield cut 15 police officer positions and two firefighters, disbanded two special drug enforcement teams and closed two city pools.
•    The City of Long Beach was forced to put eight fire stations on rolling “brown outs”, leading to delays in emergency and fire response times.
•    The City of Fullerton has laid off three firefighters, 14 sworn police officers, and significantly cut library hours and recreation programs.
•    The City of Norco laid off four sworn police officers and four firefighters.
•    The City of Palm Springs was forced to close one of the city’s five fire stations, forced to close the city jail, and lay off non-sworn police department employees.
•    The City of Rialto enacted “brownouts” or rotating closures of two fire stations.
•    The City of Oceanside laid off 12 sworn police officers, three firefighters, closed a swimming pool and recreation center, and cut back library hours by 33%.
Yes on 22 will:

•    STOP the State from taking or borrowing local tax dollars dedicated to cities and counties to fund vital local services like 9-1-1 response, police, and fire protection.

•    STOP the State from taking or diverting gas taxes we pay at the pump that voters have dedicated to local road repairs, transportation improvements, and public transportation.

Prop. 22 is supported by a broad coalition including the California Fire Chiefs Association, California Police Chiefs Association, the Peace Officers Research Association of California, representing more than 60,000 law enforcement personnel, the California Chamber of Commerce, California Library Association, and more than 300 cities. A complete coalition list can be found here.

Paid for by Yes on 22/Californians to Protect Local Taxpayers and Vital Services, a coalition of taxpayers, public safety, local government, transportation, business and labor, with major funding from the League of California Cities (non-public funds and CitiPAC) and the California Alliance for Jobs Rebuild California Committee
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