Act now to stop lawmakers from extending their terms.

Sacramento's Most Powerful Politicians are Trying to Gut Term Limits
The President of the State Senate and Speaker of the State Assembly are termed out next year and are desperate to hang on to their perks and power. So they want to change California's term limits law so they can remain in the Legislature for years to come.

The Politicians Want to Fool the Voters
They are trying to weaken term limits by pushing a misleading initiative that falsely claims to toughen term limits but actually increases terms for most politicians!

Under the Politicians' Scheme, Assembly Terms Would Be Doubled and Senate Terms Increased by 50% and 42 Termed Out Incumbents Could Remain in Office
The politicians are cynically claiming their initiative is a reduction in terms by saying politicians will only be able to serve a maximum of 12 years in one legislative chamber instead of the 14 years currently allowed if a politician serves the full 6 years in the Assembly and 8 years in the Senate.

But over 80% of legislators would have their time in office greatly increased and Assembly terms would be doubled from 6 years to 12 years and Senate terms increased from 8 years to 12 years. There's also a special incumbent politician loophole that allows 42 termed out legislators - including the Senate President and Assembly Speaker - to remain in office for several more years.

News and facts about our campaign to protect term limits.

Pledging to defend California's voter-approved term limits law from another deceptive attempt by career politicians to weaken it, California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner today announced that he has formed a committee and will lead the opposition efforts to defeat the measure known as Proposition 93.

Probe of Perata quiet but very much alive
Now several years old, the sprawling federal corruption probe of state Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata has spurred him to spend more than $1 million on legal defense, clouded his two decades in public life and swept up close associates and his adult children.

A New Nunez Scandal Explodes - Apparent Violations of State & Federal Law
It's official. Fabian Nunez is the most ethically-challenged, arrogant and controversial California Assembly Speaker since Willie Brown. The latest evidence comes courtesy of the Los Angeles Times and Sacramento Bee. Nunez has apparently again violated the law - this time both state and federal law.

Initiative to alter term limits slipping in poll
SACRAMENTO - Support for a state ballot initiative to modify the length of time legislators can remain in office is dropping, according to a survey released today. Proposition 93 is now favored by 49 percent of registered voters, the Field Poll found, down from 59 percent just two months ago. While opposition to the initiative remains about the same as in August, the number of voters who are undecided has nearly doubled to 20 percent.

Legal Controversy Highlights Prop. 93's Special Loophole for Incumbents
The spokesman for Yes on 93 is trying to spin away the legal controversy over whether Prop. 93 allows termed out legislators back into office. The Nunez camp uses words like "ironclad" and "crystal-clear" to deny this latest example of how Prop. 93 provides significantly more time in office for most politicians. But according to respected independent legal experts not on Nunez's payroll, there's nothing ironclad about it

Don't let your legislators get away with fooling you!

The Politicians' Scam Initiative to Weaken Term Limits is Funded by Sacramento Special Interests
Major special interests with business before the Legislature are funding the initiative to weaken term limits and enable powerful incumbent politicians to remain in office. Look for yourself at the campaign reports for the initiative and you will see numerous six-figure checks from special interests.

California Teachers Association Issues PAC
Los Angeles Casinos PAC

CA State Council of Service Employees Political Action Issues Acct

SEIU Local 1000 (UCSW)

Girardi and Keese

SEIU United Healthcare Workers West Political Issues Committee
Pala Band of Mission Indians
United Auburn Indian Community of the Auburn Rancheria
Mercury General Corporation
California Hospitals Committee on Issues Sponsored by CAHHS
CCPOA Independent Expenditures Committee
CA Attorneys, Admin Law Judges and Hearing Officers in State Employment CASE PAC
California Dental Association

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