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Californians for Fair Education Funding
Vote NO on Prop 92 - No Accountability, No Oversight, No Way To Know How the Money Is Spent.
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We all support community colleges – but Proposition 92 will cause more problems than it claims to solve.

Proposition 92 would amend California’s constitution to lock in a huge new state spending mandate – with no way to pay for it. The California Legislative Analyst’s Office estimates the increased spending will reach nearly a billion dollars in the first three years. Politicians would be left to decide how to fund the measure. They could raise taxes or they could cut other critical programs like health care, public safety and education funding, including K-12, and state universities.

Proposition 92 expands bureaucracy, but contains no accountability or independent oversight, and requires no public audits. There will be no way to know how the Prop. 92 money is spent.

Join teachers, business, taxpayers, firefighters, health care workers, and community groups in voting “No’’ on Proposition 92.

MYTH #1 - Proponents claim in their ballot argument that in 2004, the Legislature hiked community college fees to $26 per unit and “this resulted in 305,000 fewer Californians enrolling in college.” Learn the Facts

MYTH #2 - Proposition 92 provides a “chance for every Californian to go to college.” Learn the Facts

Myth #3 - Proponents say Prop. 92 will provide “stable funding for community colleges for more classes and services.” Learn the Facts

Myth #4 - Proponents say Prop. 92 “would calculate the minimum community college funding guarantees based on community college growth.” Learn the Facts



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Paid for by Californians for Fair Education Funding, a coalition of business, educators and taxpayers - No on 92, California Teachers Association/Issues PAC and CA State Council of Service Employees Political Action Issues Account

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News and Updates:

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January 29: Governor Schwarzenegger Opposes Proposition 92

January 24 - IJ urges 'no' vote on Proposition 92 - Marin Independent Journal

January 20 - Fresno Bee says voters should reject Proposition 92

January 20 - North County Times says No on 92's "flawed funding formula"

January 18 - Ballot box budgeting doesn't add up - San Diego Union-Tribune

January 16 - Not the way to help community colleges - San Bernardino County Sun

January 15 - So many reasons to vote No on Proposition 92 - Sacramento Bee

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