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“The California State University faculty we represent at the California Faculty Association understand that experience plays a key role in the development of expertise and effectiveness. That’s why we’re endorsing Proposition 93, California’s current system of legislative term limits is broken – Proposition 93 will increase the expertise and effectiveness of our State Legislature.”

Lillian Taiz - President of the California Faculty Association
California Common Cause Endorses Proposition 93 PDF Print E-mail
For Immediate Release: 
Jan. 18, 2008                         
Contact: Richard Stapler,
(916) 443-7817

SACRAMENTO - California Common Cause today announced they have endorsed Proposition 93, the Term Limits and Legislative Reform Act.

From the Common Cause announcement:

“Common Cause has long believed that term limits arbitrarily limit the right of voters to elect their representatives from among the most qualified candidates while at the same time giving more power and influence to special interest lobbyists,” said California Common Cause Vice-Chair Roy Ulrich.

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