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On June 3rd, Vote No on Prop 98, Vote Yes on 99

Two measures on the state ballot use the words eminent domain.  But Prop 98 is a deceptive scheme financed by wealthy landlords that would eliminate rent control and make it easier to evict people from their homes to make way for new developments.  98 also has loopholes that would hurt our environment and increase taxpayer costs. There is only one that is true eminent domain reform -  Prop. 99, which protects homeowners from eminent domain abuse.  Here's why you should vote NO on 98 and YES on 99. You can also send friends an email about 98 & 99.


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Who's Behind Prop 98?

CPF Says
CA Professional Firefighters Say...

“Prop. 98 would hurt the supply of affordable housing needed to keep firefighters and paramedics in our communities where they can more easily respond to emergencies.  The measure also has provisions that will make it difficult for public safety professionals to protect our communities and the public.”

Lou Paulson, President
California Professional Firefighters

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Who's Behind Prop 98?

Donna Box
Donna Matthews, Calimesa


“What people don’t realize is that both the mobile home parks owners and mobile home owners have an investment. Without rent control it will be one investor taking advantage of another investor. We won’t have the bargaining power or the money that the owners will have. The landlords will raise the rents as high as they want. The rents will be so high and nobody will be able to rent the space. We would lose the value in our homes. If we lose our only nest-egg, where will we go?” -- Donna Matthews, 83, Calimesa

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