Nov 04
  • Vote Yes on Prop 12

    Your "Yes" Vote on Proposition 12 will enable more veterans to buy homes in California and help the economy at the same time, all with no direct cost to the state's taxpayers. Read More
  • Calif Keeps Their Promises

    Greg Aghazarian Endorses Prop 12Approval of Proposition 12 will prove once again that Californians keep their promises to the men and women who perform the duty of defending our state ... Read More
  • Unanimous Ballot Placement

    This measure was placed on the ballot by a unanimous vote of 75+0 in the State Assembly and 39+0 in the State Senate. Read More
  • Veterans' Bond Act

    On November 7, 1922, the people of California authorized the very first Veterans' Bond Act for the Cal-Vet Home Loan Program. Over the past 85 years there have been 26 Veterans' Bond Acts and Californians have consistently recognized the special debt we owe to those who have served our country in th... Read More
  • Bonds Must Be Authorized

    As these bonds are repaid by the veterans, new bonds must be authorized to continue this self-supporting program serving our veterans. That is the purpose of Proposition 12. Read More
  • Generates Thousands of Jobs

    The program is also good for the California economy because, in addition to helping veterans, Cal-Vet home loans generate thousands of housing industry-related jobs with millions of dollars in annual payrolls.
    Read More
  • Fiscally Sound Way To Assist

    Arnold Supports Prop 12All costs of the program, including all administration costs, are paid for by veterans holding loans. There have never been any ... Read More
  • CalVet Home Loan Program

    The Cal-Vet Home Loan Program enables veterans to obtain low-interest rate loans for the purchase of conventional homes, manufactured homes, and mobile homes without costing the taxpay... Read More

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