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On November 04, 2008 Californians will decide on whether or not to include discrimination in the state constitution by voting on a constitutional amendment, Proposition 8.

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In 1846 a group of people raised a flag with a bear and star on it to symbolize a new California Republic, independent from the United Mexican States (Mexico).

Today, that great state is the second in our Union to recognize same-sex marriages, eliminating a double standard by not limiting who you can marry.  Conservative groups have however been successful in getting Proposition 8 on the November ballot to write discrimination into California's Constitution. 

The State of California has a long history of protecting the civil rights of its citizens; from condemning the U.S. Patriot Act (and ordering state agencies to ignore all requests from the federal government to spy on its citizens) to extending individual rights to assembly and free speech far beyond what the federal government or any other state currently does. 

On November 4, 2008 will you allow our great state to slide backwards, and destroy the lives of a specific group of people simply because of who they love and choose to marry?

Proposition 8, a proposed amendment to California's Constitution would reverse the recent California Supreme Court decision which stated that all Californians had to be treated equally under law.

Proposition 8 would change the California State Constitution, a document which protects the rights of all Californians, creating two separate standards, and limiting who can marry based upon whom they love. This would create a second class status in the Constitution for same-sex families.
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Proposition 8 would not allow California same-sex couples to marry. Domestic-partners relationships would not be recognized as marriages in California, New York, Massachusetts and Canada.
Proposition 8 harms families of same-sex couples when they travel to these other states that recognize same-sex marriages. Same-sex couples do not have the same rights regarding emergency situations and medical care as heterosexual couples.
Proposition 8 would harm same sex families, especially their children, by differentiating between their families and the families of heterosexual Californians.
The stability of a marriage depends upon the commitment, dedication and fidelity of the two persons involved in that marriage. Many same-sex couples have been in very long term, monogamous relationships.
  Proposition 8, a proposed Constitutional amendment would reverse the recent California State Supreme Court decision which stated that all Californians had to be treated equally under the law.


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