Protect Marriage CA

"Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid and recognized in California."

for Pastors & Churches

1. Communication

Next Webinar/Conference Call at Locations throughout the State
Thursday, November 6 - 10 AM

List of Locations

Parker Family Video
Dr. Jim Garlow interviews Maggie Gallagher, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse and Glen Stanton
Dr. Jim Garlow: Comparison between the Civil Rights and Homosexual Movements
TV Specials
Tony Perkins: Catholic Charities in Massachusetts
Maggie Gallagher, Glen Stanton & Jim Garlow: The Intimidation of the Same Sex Advocates
San Francisco First Grader's School Field Trip to Same Sex Marriage
Tony Perkins with The Parkers: Impact of Same Sex Marriage on School Children
The Wirthlins & The Parkers: Parent’s Rights Trounced Under Same Sex Marriage (article)
The Wirthlins: Same Sex Marriage Forced on School Children
Jim Garlow with Alan Chambers: Leaving the Homosexual Lifestyle
Video: Why Not Same Sex Marriage
Video: CA Voters Fight Back Against Egregious Judicial Activism
4 Tony Perkins Videos
Glen Stanton: Moms and Dads Matter
A Variety of YouTube Videos
An Animated Cartoon: The Simplest Way to Understand Prop 8
Bishop Kenneth Ulmer: From Sept 25 Prop 8 Satellite Simulcast (WMV)
October 19 Prop 8 Satellite Simulcast
Rick Warren on Prop 8
Dr. Jim Garlow interviews Melissa Fryrear, former lesbian
Dr. Jim Garlow interviews Swedish Pastor Ake Green, sentenced to one month in prison for preaching
Dr. Jim Garlow interviews David and Tonia Parker, from Lexington, MA, re: coerced homosexual education for their kindergartner
Dr. Jim Garlow interviews Attorney Bob Tyler regarding CA Supreme Court
Dr. Jim Garlow interviews Elaine Huguenin, fined by New Mexico
Chuck & Gina Norris defending traditional marriage

2. Activation

Volunteer on Election Day

Volunteer for Hosting

Church Calling Campaign

3. Prayer

40 Day Fast ongoing from September 24

TheCall California - November 1 at Qualcomm Stadium


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