Homeschooling mother of six for Prop 4

October 30, 2008 18:55 by Homeschooler

As a parent, a resident of California, and one who works with many children, I strongly support Proposition 4.  It will help protect children from the emotional, spiritual and physical scars that result from abortion. Further, it will protect them from abuse by predators. Proposition 4 will require that a family member be notified if a minor is going to have an abortion. This will allow the family member to help with the child’s emotional, spiritual and medical needs. It will also deny child predators the opportunity to take young girls for secret abortions. Voting "YES" on proposition 4 is the right thing to do for our children. 

Laura Berquist
   Homeschooling mother of six
   Founder and Director, Mother of Divine Grace School
   A Distance Learning Program   

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