Another Homeschooler Speaks for Prop 4

October 30, 2008 20:07 by Homeschooler
If Prop 4 saves just one girl, her family, and an unborn child from a lifetime of pain and death, it is worth it!
For years, people of faith have been trying to right a terrible wrong: a 13 year old girl can be violated first by a child predator, then again by an abortionist, supposedly a medical professional..all without the parents or family knowing.  Unless, of course, she develops minor side effects like sepsis, uterine puncture, hemorrhaging or death.  Abortion is not a private act, but a public disgrace.  Voting Yes on Prop 4.. to protect our teens from perverts, and their groomers at Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion industry... makes perfect sense in an imperfect world.  Our large family believes in life and protecting our vulnerable teenage girls from adult statutory and actual rapists. . .  why doesn't Planned Parenthood, supposedly there "for the children"?  What a laugh. They prefer to protect their best and repeat customers: the adult predators who bring impregnated, minor children in for one or more "routine, safe and legal" abortion.  What a travesty! Real men? Hardly, cowardly scum, actually.  Of course, the huge tragedy is the girl's parents or family have no idea their daughter has already been sentenced to a lifetime of physical, emotional and spiritual trauma. 

My van's bumper has a Prop 73, overlayed with a Prop 85 and now a Prop 4 bumper sticker... it's time that this one gets good results. Successful passage of Prop 4 is soooo important! 

May Jesus bless you mightily!
Len Beckman


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