A Homeschooler Speaks For Prop 4

October 30, 2008 18:52 by Homeschooler
My husband and I have been homeshooling our five children for over 13 years. Schooling at home allows us to focus on their religious and spiritual education as well as their academic education. We also care about their safety, and that is one reason we are in favor of Proposition 4. It is almost unbelievable that a minor girl in our state can be brought to a clinic for a major medical procedure, abortion, without anyone in her family being notified. This is a huge, ridiculous loophole that allows child predators to abuse girls, and get rid of the "evidence", without anyone reporting or notifying an adult. Proposition 4 closes the loop hole and denies child predators their current anonymity.
Please join our family and support Proposition 4, for the good of our children, and all those in the state of California!

Mary Rollino
Member, Ojai Catholic Home School Association
Member, Association of Christian Home Educators of Ventura

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