The Issue

Protect the health and safety of our daughters.

Please join us in opposing Proposition 4. Prop. 4 threatens teen safety by requiring young women regardless of circumstance to notify their parents before seeking care and counseling for a pregnancy.

Our greatest responsibility is to protect the health and safety of our daughters. Their health and safety come first. But in the real world, if they can't go to their parents or they face a dangerous situation at home, the most imporant thing is to make sure they get the safe care and counseling that they need.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, father of three daughters, speaks out about the importance of voting No on Prop 4 to protect teen safety. Listen to Mayor Villaraigosa online - listen in English (MP3), or in Spanish (MP3).

In our community, our families are our strength. Latino families are close and our daughters already come to us when facing important life decisions. This law will put some young women at risk by making it harder for them to seek help within the family, forcing them to go outside it for help.

To protect our daughters, please vote No on Proposition 4.

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A limited political agenda

La Opinión (En Español)

For the third time in four years, voters have been presented with a ballot initiative like Proposition 4, requiring parental notification before a minor terminates a pregnancy. Voters have rejected it twice and there is no reason for them to change their minds.

The measure argues the parents' right to know what their daughters are doing, which should be a part of regular family communication in a normal home. The problem is that this reasoning seeks to overturn a law aimed at protecting minors who come from abusive homes.

Proposition 4 represents a variation with respect to previous measures by including an ""alternative family member notification." Actually, given its legal dynamics, this change could create more problems for the minor afraid of telling her parents about the pregnancy.

This fact doesn't matter to the measure's proponents, because their intention is simply to impose a legal restriction on abortion at any cost...

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Help us protect teen safety.

California voters said NO to this dangerous idea, twice before...but proponents have, once again, placed it on the ballot. Mandatory notification laws may sound good, but, in the real world they put our daughters in real danger.

Propostion 4 threatens the health and safety of our daughters. Your donation will make a difference please donate today.

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