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Vote No on 82. It's the wrong solution!
Fix K-12 First. What could $2.4 billion do for our schools?

Read Your Official Ballot Pamphlet Carefully and You Will See:

  • A $2.4 billion increase in taxes and spending only increases pre-school attendance by 4% under Prop 82!
  • Prop 82 provides for just 3 hours of pre-school a day!
  • Under Prop 82, just 3 hours of pre-school may cost as much as $8,000 per child.
  • Prop 82 lets the current Sacramento bureaucrats create a huge new expensive bureaucracy, then lets the politicians impose a new tax, a Parent Tax, when there is a cost overrun! A Parent Tax?
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Watch the Video: "Prop. 82, the Real Story"


For more information:
call 916-218-6640 or email

For media inquiries, email

Stop the Reiner Initiative
3001 Douglas Blvd., #225, Roseville, CA 95661

California Newspapers, Leaders and Educators all agree: Prop 82 is the wrong solution

“Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced his opposition … to (Prop 82) that would raise income taxes on the wealthy to pay for universal preschool in California…”
San Francisco Chronicle, April 13, 2006

"...the initiative pays more per pupil for a three-hour educational program than many K-12 schools are able to pay for a full school day. Few would argue that under these circumstances, our first priority must be serving the needs of K-12 students."
Democrat Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata

"We all support expanding preschool, but Proposition 82 is the wrong approach. We have more pressing needs for that money, like improving K-12 schools."
Denise Lyon, Second Grade Teacher, Elk Grove

"Continue preschool projects, but vote No on 82."
Sacramento Bee Editorial, 5/7/06

"No on Prop. 82. Preschool plan costs plenty, achieves little."
San Diego Union Tribune Editorial, 5/8/06

"Without any income tests the plan would help wealthy and middle class families who already take advantage of preschool, but not reach those who need it most: poor, disadvantaged and English learning children."
Former Democrat Senate President Pro Tem John Burton

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