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California Taxpayer Protection Committee Opposes Props 1C-E
October 07, 2006

Thank you for visiting our website. We oppose Propositions 1C, 1D, 1E and 84. Please read the arguments against these initiatives. We urge you to vote no.


California Focus: Affordable housing bond does neither
Posted On 11-02-2006 , 1:38 PM

Much of Prop. 1C's billions will go to social welfare programs

Proposition 1C is being billed to California voters as the affordable housing bond. But the reality is that it has very little to do with housing – and even less with affordability.

Nationwide home prices are falling, but California isn't feeling much relief. Housing prices have lost touch with the pocket-book realities of nearly everyone but the Hollywood elite. The recent median home price in the Golden State was $553,050 – well over twice the national average.

Read the full article here

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The Hidden Cost of Bonds by Jon Coupal
Posted On 10-27-2006 , 8:43 AM

Jon Coupal is President of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. He knows all about the debt financing schemes government has. You can read his column here.

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The straight-forward Case For Opposing All Five Bond Measures
Posted On 10-25-2006 , 9:31 AM

Michael Der Manouel, Jr. is the President of the Fresno Lincoln Club and has penned an informative piece in the FlashReport explain why NO votes on 1B, 1C, 1D , 1E and 84 are necessary. See it all here.

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Committee Endorses Tony Strickland
Posted On 10-13-2006 , 6:29 PM

For Immediate Release

October 1, 2006


Contact: Tom Hudson

(916) 991-9300

The California Taxpayer Protection Committee is proud to endorse Tony Strickland for California State Controller in the November 2006 statewide General Election.  We believe that Tony Strickland is not only the best candidate in this particular race, but he is also one of the best candidates on the ballot anywhere in California , from a taxpayers' perspective.


“Tony Strickland has been a leader in taxpayer protection, in the Legislature, as a grassroots volunteer, and as the Chairman of a cutting edge taxpayer advocacy organization,” declared Mike Spence, President of the California Taxpayer Protection Committee.


The Controller casts the swing vote on both the Franchise Tax Board and the Board of Equalization, California ’s two most important tax agencies.  These agencies not only collect taxes, they also draft the regulations, rules, forms, and instructions with which California taxpayers are forced to comply.  The Board of Equalization resolves tax appeals for virtually every statewide tax and fee program.  Tony Strickland has proven that he will be fair to every taxpayer, whether rich or poor, influential or not.  His door will always be open to taxpayers who need help and advice.


“Tony Strickland has never voted for a property tax increase,” said Tom Hudson, the Committee’s Executive Director and PAC Treasurer.  “We can count on him to continue to stand up for lower taxes, economic freedom, and taxpayers’ rights.  Tony has proven that he will not back down under pressure from those who constantly demand bigger, more intrusive, more expensive government.”


The California Taxpayer Protection Committee is an all-volunteer, nonpartisan taxpayer advocacy organization dedicated to electing taxpayer-friendly officeholders at every level of government.  The Committee promotes lower taxes, tax fairness, tax simplification and uniformity, fiscal responsibility, governmental efficiency, and good government.


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Water Bond Funds Used For Yoga and Room Service
Posted On 10-10-2006 , 2:08 PM

The Department of Finance has located waste in previously approved bond funds. Some of these funds were used for Yoga, Room Service and other perks for government employees. We should reject future bond debt until they clean up there act. See the article here.

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