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The REBUILD California Plan
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Transportation - Prop 1A

The Rebuild California Plan – Transportation

California’s roads are run down, 72 percent of our major roads are in poor or mediocre condition – nearly three times the national average.

At the same time, chronic deficits have meant cuts to projects to clear freeway bottlenecks and improve highway safety. Nearly $2.5 billion has been siphoned away from road and highway projects in the last three years. Inflation has eaten away at other funding. The state’s gas tax buys only a third of what it did in 1970.

The Rebuild California Plan provides funding to fix the state’s most dangerous highways and clear freeway bottlenecks .

Prop. 1A: Closing the gas tax loophole

Four years ago, voters approved Proposition 42, which requires the sales tax on gas be used for transportation improvements. But a loophole in the law has allowed politicians to divert these funds for other purposes.

  • Prop. 1A closes the loophole. It prohibits the use of state sales taxes on gasoline for anything other than transportation improvements. Loans are allowed only when the state faces severe fiscal hardship and must be repaid with interest within three years.
  • Without raising taxes, Proposition 1A returns the funds diverted from transportation projects and provides a stable source of long-term funding to fix the state’s most dangerous highways and traffic corridors.
  • Prop. 1A provides “fair share” funding to all cities and counties in the state to ease local congestion and improve deteriorating roadways.

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