Rebuilding California
Schools: Prop. 1D

The Rebuild California Plan – School Safety and Repair

With more than 6 million students in kindergarten through high school and more than 2 million attending college, the Rebuild California Plan recognizes how important education is to the state’s future.

More than 1 million of California’s students attend schools with severe overcrowding. More than 7,000 school buildings need to be strengthened against earthquakes. And very few schools have the up-to-date facilities needed to provide students the career and technical training they need for today’s workplace.

  • Prop. 1D provides $10.4 billion to reduce overcrowding, update schools for technology and career education and build college labs where the discoveries that fuel our economy are made.
  • Prop. 1D provides funds for making fire prevention and earthquake safety improvements for all public high schools throughout the state.
  • Prop. 1D allows our high school students to have the best possible science, career and technical facilities and programs to create tomorrow’s innovators.
  • Prop. 1D helps relieve school overcrowding, providing funds to build nearly 10,000 new classrooms at schools and colleges -- and renovate 31,000 more.
  • Prop. 1D provides funds for new schools -- such as charter schools and small high schools -- that give local parents and teachers more authority to improve learning.
  • Prop. 1D makes sure our colleges and universities have the laboratories and facilities they need to make new discoveries that help sustain our economy and quality of life.
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