Rebuilding California
Traffic - Prop 1B

The Rebuild California Plan – Highways and Air Pollution

Every day, California drivers spend half a million hours stuck in traffic. We’re home to six of the most congested cities in the country – congestion that carries a price tag of more than $20 billion every year in wasted gasoline, time and productivity.

And, we’ve got more people driving more miles. Highway use nearly tripled between 1965 and 2000, and it’s expected to grow just as quickly in the next 25 years.

The Rebuild California Plan provides funding to fix the state’s most dangerous highways, clear freeway bottlenecks and help prevent air pollution.

Prop. 1B: Improvements now to sustain our economy and our quality of life

This key element of the Rebuild California Plan provides $20 billion to expand and repair our most dangerous and congested highways, with funds for public transit and to reduce air pollution.

Prop. 1B: Highway safety, congestion relief, public transportation and road repair

  • Prop. 1B provides the first bond funds for improving safety and clearing freeway bottlenecks in more than 20 years, dedicating $11.25 billion to widen freeways, highways and roads to reduce congestion and improve safety.
  • Prop. 1B dedicates $1 billion to widen and make safety improvements along 400 miles of Highway 99 through the state’s Central Valley.
    Prop. 1B provides $4 billion to improve light rail, bus and commuter lines to repair, modernize and expand public transportation.
  • Prop. 1B provides “fair share” funding to all cities and counties in the state to ease local congestion and improve deteriorating roadways.
  • Prop. 1B: Ports, Security and Safety, Disaster Preparedness

Our economy depends on a good transportation system. More than a million California jobs depend on exports and trade, and our ports handle $400 billion in goods each year – 20 percent of the nation’s total.

  • Prop. 1B provides $2 billion to reduce congestion in and around our ports to take advantage of new opportunities and sustain our economy.
  • Prop. 1B dedicates $1.4 billion to improving safety, security and disaster preparedness by public transit systems and shipping ports, separate railroad crossings from highways and make local overpasses earthquake safe.

Prop. 1B: Reducing Air Pollution

  • Prop. 1B provides $1.2 billion to reduce air pollution by repairing outdated port equipment and replacing older, high-polluting school buses.
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