For once in a lifetime, all of these groups agree on something!

They ALL say No on Prop 88!

California State PTA

California Federation of Teachers

California Democratic Party

Republican Governor Schwarzenegger

California Republican Party

California Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

California School Boards Association

Small Business Action Committee

California Taxpayers Association

League of Women Voters

Parents, Teachers and Taxpayers Agree...No on 88!

All Californians want better schools, but Prop 88 is the wrong approach. Supporters say “funds raised will go directly to the classroom where it is needed most.“ How credible is this when:

  • State Legislature decides how $500 million dollars will be distributed among 1,000+ school districts every year.

  • Prop 88 adds a new statewide property tax, assesses and collects the new tax from 10 million+ property owners statewide.

  • It requires that a complex new information system be established and that every teacher, school and school district in the state collect data for this system.

  • Prop 88 sets a precedent for a whole new kind of property tax. It imposes the first statewide property tax since 1910, and would encourage other special interests to pass more and bigger property parcel taxes.

  • 99% of schools don’t qualify for facility grants.  While Prop 88 promises education facility grants, the independent, State Legislative Analyst’s Office says only 1% of the schools qualify! (Page 3, Analysis by the Legislative Analyst)

This new tax never expires, we will have to keep paying it forever, whether it does anything to help schools or not!

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