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For real protection of a young girl,
it's common sense to notify a parent
before a major medical procedure.

 In California, a young girl - even a 12 year old can be taken by anyone a school employee, a boyfriend, a sexual predator to receive a secret taxpayer funded abortion, without a parent knowing and being able to protect her from further sexual exploitation. This is wrong.

A Mother's Anguish
(See Videos)

This video depicts a scene similar to one that unfolded on July 30, 2004. See the pain Diana Lopez, mother of a 13 year-old girl, experienced when she was turned away from the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic that was secretly performing an abortion on her daughter.

 No young girl should undergo any invasive medical procedure performed secretly by an unknown person at an unknown location.

Most Doctors Support Prop 85 (See Videos)
Most doctors, like most other mothers and fathers, know how important it is to have parents closely involved in a minor's surgery and in the recovery period.

 Any other surgical procedure performed on a minor child requires not only the notification but the consent of a parent or guardian.

Consequences of Secret Abortions
without Notification of Parents or Police

A Planned Parenthood affiliate in Arizona was found civilly liable for failing to report the fact that the clinic had performed an abortion on a 12-year-old girl who had been impregnated by her foster brother.  more>> 

 Proposition 85 will protect young girls from physical harm and sexual exploitation.

A Mother's Story
My daughter was a victim of several horrible crimes between the ages of 12 and 13. My child was provided alcohol, raped and then taken out of state by a stranger to have an abortion. This stranger turned out to be the mother of the adult male who provided the alcohol and then raped my 12 year old daughter while she was unconscious. The rapist's mother arranged and paid for an abortion to be performed on my child.  more>> 

 If Mom or Dad don't know, they can't get prompt care for dangerous or even fatal complications which their young daughter may be secretly suffering.

 Protect our young daughters. Vote YES on Proposition 85.

New academic study shows positive results of parental involvement laws in protecting young girls from dangerous sexual activity
The researchers found that teen gonorrhea rates dropped by an average of 20 percent for Hispanic girls and 12 percent for white girls in states where parental notification laws were in effect.  more>>   (PDF) 

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