Mad Dash for Cash

It was do or die time in Sacramento. By one count, 1700 bills - covering every issue from healthcare to energy – faced their fate over a three-week period.

What did lawmakers do as they made those decisions for California?

The Channel 89 news team went to find out.

VIDEO: NO on No-on-89 Ad
Ad-Busting: Re-Edited “No on 89” Ad Shows Spot As It Would Be If Drug Company Disclaimers Applied to Political Advertisements

Ad Implies California’s Nurses Are “The Special Interests;” Group’s Re-Edit Shows Effects of Believing That

Yes On 89 TV Ad: "Stop The Pounding"
Here's an ads that tells the truth about the pounding we take and what can make it stop. From the maker of the Kinky-Friedman-Action-Figure and the ad that put MasterCard's knickers in a twist, Bill Hillsman's anti-Pounding ad is not only entertaining, it's frightening lobbyists across the state. So why suffer in silence -- see it now.

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VIDEO: What Big Money Buys In Sacramento
Ever wonder why people say California's government is corrupted by big business cash? Here's what really happens in the last days of session... without Proposition 89.

Proposition 89 on California's ballot this November will do away with such corrupting influences and return politicians to the service of the people instead of big business and multi-billion dollar lobbys.

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VIDEO: Angela Mae On The Beat
It's tough trying to get the inside scoop on Sacramento's eleventh-hour fundraisers when all the players don't want you to remember it's even happening.

Watch as our own gum-shoe, Angela Mae, tries to crack the wall of lobbyists standing between the public and our elected officials.

VIDEO: The "Dough" In Doughnuts
89¢ doughnuts were for sale outside a $1500-a-plate “healthy breakfast of Krispy Kremes” fundraiser in Sacramento this morning, one of 18 events scheduled within blocks of the Capitol Wednesday where lawmakers sold influence and access.

The $1499 mark-up begs the question: What were those lobbyists buying for $1500? Apparently, a lot more than doughnuts…

Just two were sold – to a pair of youths who, expressing interest in the political process, were refused access to the fundraiser without the entry fee.

VIDEO: It wouldn't be dirty money, would it!?
Channel 89's crack news team was on the scene when a call came out for Batman to clean up the streets of California's Gotham -- Sacramento. The city has been besieged by special interests throwing dirty money (aka campaign contributions) at politicians just as key votes are being taken in the Capitol.

Here Batman canvasses the attendees of a $1000-a-pop fundraiser for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who once himself promised to clean up politics as usual, but has since succumbed to the powerful allure of dirty money.

VIDEO: Thursday Evening, August 17, 2006
Political corruption needed a super solution last night when the Bat Signal lit up a fundraiser for Governor Schwarzenegger in Sacramento. Batman joined the California Nurses Association to shine a light on the source of special interest influence – campaign cash – and promote Proposition 89 to clean up the problem. Watch this clip from KOVR TV-13.

VIDEO: Ready, Set... Crash
Want tickets to see the Sacramento Kings? Get your photo taken at the most political fundraisers being held in California's capitol city over the next two weeks, and they're yours.

Watch this video from the contest's launch of Doug Heller describing the rules for submission and his own attempts to crash a few dashes for cash.

VIDEO: Tuesday Evening, August 15, 2006
Watch Angela dash between six fundraisers in less than two hours and interview the people who know best what goes on behind the scenes during the Sacramento end-of-session Mad Dash for Cash.

Download Sacramento's Mad Dash for Cash schedule for Wednesday, August 16 here.

Download Sacramento's entire 100 page roster of fundraiser invites here.

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