Just Added Oct. 24--

Controversial video clips
That show Planned Parenthood arranging
for secret abortions for minors!!

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Callers to the Roger Hedgecock talk radio show
on October 21 tell story of their daughters' abortions.

Click on Hedgecock Callers.
Caller #1 to Hedgecock talk show on their daughters' abortions
Caller #2 to the Hedgecock show
Yes on Proposition 73

Help Pass Parents' Right to Know and Child Protection initiative- Proposition 73 - this November!
Call us toll-free 866-828-8355
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Or visit the official website

This ballot initiative will require an abortionist to notify one of the parents or guardian of a minor girl before performing the abortion on the girl.

Send donations to Life on the Ballot, State I.D. #1257969, 2555 Rio de Oro Way, Sacramento CA 95826

For more information call 866-828-8355or email Janet@ParentsRight2Know.org



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Holly Patterson video