Welcome to MillionairesforProp75.com, a web site dedicated to shining a light on the billionaires, millionaires and CEOs bankrolling Proposition 75, a deceptive measure on California's November special election ballot.

Prop. 75 was designed and bankrolled by these corporate and right-wing heavy weights to silence the voices of workers in the political process to make it easier for Governor Schwarzenegger to pass his harmful agenda: cutting school funding, harming health care, and putting public safety at risk.

First they tried to hide their names by funneling money through a secret committee, now they are trying to hide behind the fake name "Teachers, firefighters, and law enforcement" for Prop. 75.

Workers didn't put Prop. 75 on the ballot and bankroll the campaign, these guys did. We've laid the truth out right here in green and white:

Meet The Newest Members of the Club


U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Contribution: $250,000
U.S. Chamber of Commerce of Washington, D.C. contributed $250,000 to Yes on 75 on October 19th. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has filed numerous Amicus Briefs in anti-union court cases on behalf of anti-worker organizations like the National Right to Work Foundation and the Associated Builders and Contractors (who also gave to Yes on 75). The Chamber has a long record of working against California employees by supporting the restriction of card checks and is a very big fan of paycheck protection. In 1998, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce "sent a mass-mailing to its California members" in support of Prop. 226. [Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/27/05; PR Newswire, 1/27/03; Los Angeles Times, 9/13/04; The American Spectator, 8/98]

Richard Hill Adams
Contribution: $1,000
Richard Hill Adams of Newport Beach contributed $1,000 to Yes on 75 on October 19th. Adams is an executive with American Realty Capital Advisors, a real estate development company. American Realty Capital Advisors gave $10,000 to the California Recovery Team in July. Adams ran unsuccessfully for the San Juan Capistrano City Council in 2002. [California Secretary of State, Orange County Register, 11/7/02]

... or meet all the other billionaires, millionaires and CEOs bankrolling Proposition 75.

Millionaires for Prop 75 is a project of No on Prop 75, and the Alliance for a Better California, educators, school employees, health care givers and labor organizations. Major funding by California Teachers Association Issues PAC and CA State Council of Service Employees Issues Committee.
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