No on Prop 79 | Yes on Prop 78

Prop 78 - Real help - right now!

Prop 79 - The wrong prescription for California's needy.

Smart voters want to make smart choices. On Election Day, voters will choose between two prescription drug measures to help our seniors and uninsured get better access to the treatments they need. Only one ballot measure, Prop 78, can deliver on its promise.

Compare for yourself.

Proposition 79 promises big discounts that will never materialize. Prop 79 would require federal approval before it takes effect since it would make fundamental changes to Medi-Cal, which receives about half its funding from the federal government's Medicaid system. The federal government has consistently refused to approve drug discount programs that threaten the health of low-income people in an effort to leverage discounts for individuals with an annual income of more than 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level. Proposition 79's income threshold is twice that amount.

Proposition 78 will go into effect immediately and, according to the California Health and Human Services Agency, will result in discounts of more than 40% to millions of eligible Californians.

Proposition 79 puts bureaucrats in charge of what drugs can be obtained by our state's neediest low-income and senior Medi-Cal recipients.

Proposition 78 keeps doctors and patients in charge of what prescription drug is the right treatment.

Proposition 79 is opposed by more than 150 senior, patient advocacy, and leading organizations responsible for advancing the rights of low-income Californians.

Proposition 78 is supported by more than 100 patient, senior and minority advocacy organizations including the American Nurses Association, California, the California Mexican-American Chamber of Commerce and the California Arthritis Foundation Council.

Proposition 79 will eliminate some prescription drugs from the Medi-Cal medicine chest and make California's neediest residents untangle newly imposed layers of bureaucratic red tape just to get prescription drugs regularly prescribed by their doctors.

Proposition 78 leaves all drugs eligible for discounts, not just those on a government determined list.

The choice is clear.

Just say NO to Prop 79.

On Election Day vote YES on Prop 78.

I know the risks of Prop 79 and benefits of Prop 78 and I pledge to vote on November 8th.

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